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  • This just arrived on my desk

    June 22, 2012 @ 2:07 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    If you’ve never come across this product before, hazard a guess as to what it might be.


    A few of the guesses in here:

    “A remote control.”

    “A thing you connect to your other thing.”

    “Mind control.”





    This is the Logitech Cube. It’s a mouse.

    The tiniest touch sensitive mouse I’ve ever used. And despite it’s size, it’s not a massive pain to get used to – it has left and right click buttons (positioned slightly differently to what you’re used to) and you can scroll pages with it too.


  • When they said it was the ‘hottest handset’…

    @ 11:21 am | by Ciara O'Brien

    …I don’t think this was quite what they had in mind.

    Samsung is currently investigating an incident in which one of its new S3 handsets burned up while in a car dash mount. The Irish customer in question took his story to (see photos and the full thread here).

    If you’re eyeing your S3 nervously, I wouldn’t panic just yet. The poster came back to add an update:

    “There is no confirmation that it was a fault with the phone. It may actually have been caused by a combination of my car mount and my cars heating system. ”

    In the interests of disclosure, I’m currently using one of these phones.

  • Introducing: Windows Phone 8

    June 21, 2012 @ 11:36 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    It’s been a big week for Microsoft.

    On Monday, it announced it is planning on selling its very own Microsoft branded tablet, the Surface, when it launches Windows 8 later this year.


  • New tech: Sony Miro & Tipo

    June 20, 2012 @ 5:35 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    Check out the latest additions to Sony’s mobile phone range, The Xperia Miro and Tipo, both running Ice Cream Sandwich, are fresh from the factory floor and will be available later in the year.

    In the meantime, some info:

    Xperia Miro

    The Android handset has all the good looks of the Xperia S and U, and manages to cram some entertainment in there too. The display weighs in at 3.5 inches, with a 5-megapixel camera that records at 50 frames per second. It’s going for deep Facebook integration throughout the contacts, gallery and the music player. Contactless DLNA connectivity allows you to view photos and videos on a TV, tablet and PC. You can also video chat.

    But never mind all that; the most impressive thing is the battery: according to the documentation, it’s got about 24 hours of usage.


    Xperia Tipo

    The Tipo isn’t aiming for quite the same audience. It still looks good, but it’s designed to be easy to use. It also comes in both single and dual sim format, so if you’re a frequent traveller, you don’t have to bother with changing over your sim card. The screen is slightly smaller, at 3.2 inches. The camera is also slightly lower in quality – 3.2 megapixels. There’s also a dedicated set-up guide on the phone to walk you through it.

  • My new favourite app!

    @ 8:43 am | by Ciara O'Brien

    There’s a holiday looming, whcih means only one thing: my usual last minute, half hearted effort to get fit, brought on by panic at the thought of having to wear shorts for a week.

    So with that in mind, I’ve been checking out some new apps. My new favourite: Zombies, Run!


  • Dust off your old tech: Apple I sells for $374,500

    June 16, 2012 @ 12:23 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    It may be a little less high tech than Apple’s latest announcements, but one of the company’s very first computers, the Apple I, has sold for a staggering $374,500 at an auction by Sotheby’s. At today’s exchange rates, that’s €296,173.

    It’s more than double what the auction house expected to raise from it – the guide price was  $120,000-$180,000 – and far in excess of the original price of $666.66.

    As you can see, it doesn’t look like much. A motherboard, without any fancy cases, keyboard or even a monitor.


  • Something for the weekend: improve your language skills

    June 15, 2012 @ 7:03 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    We may have no chance of making it to the next round of the Euros, but if you’re hanging around for the Italy match, this app might come in handy.


  • Record-breaking gaming

    @ 1:37 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    Xbox owner? Have a Kinect? Well then. Dust off your copy of Kinect Sports, crack out the running shoes and take part in a record-breaking attempt that could also benefit charity along the way.


  • Last minute shopping panic

    @ 11:53 am | by Ciara O'Brien

    Father’s Day is this Sunday. And whether you dismiss it as a Hallmark holiday or not, chances are you’ll probably end up dragging yourself down to your local newsagent to buy a card at the very least. If you’re planning on splashing out on a gift but haven’t quite got around to it yet, here’s some last minute ideas:


  • Apple’s WWDC: the announcements

    June 11, 2012 @ 10:59 pm | by Ciara O'Brien

    Apple has just kicked off its annual WorldWide Developer Conference in the US, with a closely watched keynote by chief executive Tim Cook. So what is coming up for Apple in the next few months?

    The short version: iOS 6, new MacBooks and Mountain Lion for Macs. That means Siri for the new iPad, Facebook integration and iMessage for the Mac.

    You want the longer version? Read on.


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