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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 22, 2012 @ 8:55 am

    Chrome edges closer to rivals

    Ciara O'Brien

    What’s your personal choice of internet browser? The latest statistics show that Google’s Chrome browser is getting a big bump in usage at the weekends, which implies that while many companies may be forcing their employees to use more traditional browsers during work hours, Google is the top choice when they are free to choose their own software.

    And if you look at StatCounter’s data, it coincides with a dip in use for Internet Explorer.

    On March 18th, Chrome briefly became the top browser, with a surge in use in India, Russia and Brazil helping to bump it to the head of the pile, according to StatCounter. That’s the first time Google has overtaken its rivals anywhere.

    It may only have been for a day, but StatCounter’s Aodhan Cullen says it is a milestone for Google, even if it’s still unclear if Chrome could be number one on a long-term basis.

    So what’s your browser of choice? And why?

    • Jill says:

      I use chrome all the time it is faster and I feel safer than Internet explorer any day

    • McLovin' says:

      I’m one of your stereotypical users-IE in work, Google Chrome at home. After years of using IE at home I switched about 2 years ago to Chrome- it’s quicker, cleaner appearance and much less liable to crash. Have also tried Safari and Firefox. Now if I could only get Chrome in work………………

    • Serenity says:

      I have always been baffled by a company I worked with choosing to use IE. Especially when companies are not that interested in ever updating it….. last multinational I worked with that was internet dependent for all aspects of the job was insistent on using an out of date version of IE for many years and one that wasn’t well supported, and I mean out of date by at least 3 newer versions, much to the frustration of all the users and local IT staff because it was next to useless for working on.

      Why anyone in this day and age uses IE is beyond me as it is the poorest performer of all the browsers out there.

      I always put it down to the bosses who have power and decisions to make on IT related issues that are just computer illiterate and have zero clue about anything internet related who have probably never heard of there being another browser, much less understand that there’s a difference.

      I loathe IE and I loathe companies that use it just because the boss is behind the times. It would help employees a lot to have a choice because IE is the only browser which you cannot install ad block plus on.

    • petee says:

      chrome in work, chrome at home(no brainer, faster than spammy IE ), skyfire on ipad and iphone , handy for using flash on my IOS devices

    • Michael says:

      have any of you actually tried installing chrome in work? I’ve been able to install chrome etc in the last several companies i’ve worked for, all with otherwise robust IT security. They don’t install in the same administrative rights requiring way as most software.

      I only wish that chrome et al would have the ‘ctrl + n’ function opening up an identical window to the one you are on rather then a new one, i’ve always found this useful. Other then that. Well i dont care really i dont know why some people have militant feelings towards IE.

    • Eileen says:

      I use Firefox mostly and love it. I downloaded Chrome in work about 2 years ago but gave up on it after a while because I found it very glitchy – it never loaded images, for example. Switched to Firefox and haven’t looked back.

    • Eoin says:

      Up until recently it used be Mozilla but I’m starting to use Chrome a lot more these days.

      I found Firefox very glitchy – it used always stall and take ages to start up again and often crashed so that got fairly annoying.

      Chrome is simple to use.It is a very minimalist design so looks clean and fresh.

      Anytime I go back to Internet Explorer it feels far too clunky.

    • Perplexed says:

      Looks like Chrome is on trend to the No.1 slot in the next few months. Any idea why the graph has those monthly steps?

    • Perplexed says:

      Ah, found my glasses – looks like its browsing at home on the weekend jump

    • ciaran says:

      used Firefox for many years, and went to Chrome about a year ago. after about 6 months of use, i went back to Firefox. there’s too many things that I feel are missing from Chrome, and it’s lack of customisability compared to Firefox is annoying. pretty much everything in Firefox you can change, in Chrome, there’s a lot of things which can’t be changed. I found Chrome to be quite buggy too, in so far as behaviour while displaying pages.

    • thepurplepim says:

      Might I suggest you use portable apps for checking out and experimenting with new browsers including chrome, opera and firefox (portableapps.com). These portable apps will run from your usb key and you do not need to have install/admin privileges to download and run em. The great thing is you can take all you saved bookmarks, internet settings etc. home with you when you plug out you usb key! Enjoy.

    • Ger says:

      I use a very out of date internet explorer at work, had chrome installed for a while, but IT dept blocked access to it, so back to using IE which crashes everything on my laptop several times a day. Use Chrome all the time at home though

    • jkforde says:

      Opera (the most compliant & the most innovative browser hands down) and with Opera Mobile on Android, and togeher with Opera’s Link syncing service it’s a no brainer. Why use anything else? Opera has a lot of the extensional hoohaa that FF users go on about already built in for years. Sigh.

    • Simon Oliver says:

      It’s astounding how even little companies insist on using IE .. as if it was a crime to erase it from a company computer and replace it with Chrome or Firefox. People have seriously defended its use to me claiming that “it came with the machine”.

    • lobser says:

      A few weeks ago I was browsing microsoft-careers.com and I decided to apply for a job advertised. The “click to apply” button repeatedly gave an error page.

      It then dawned on me, I was using Google Chrome!!! I switched over to IE and voila! it worked!

      Microsoft don’t want applications via non-IE browsers

    • Tomsyn says:

      Hey, Ive been using chrome for a few years now – mainly because I found IE to be a tad bothersome loading up, takes up more computer resources when running and is generally slow in loading or moving between tabs.

      I had stumbled onto Firefox from years ago but did not like the many add-ons and customisation apps linked onto it as they seemed to crash and subsequently bring down firefox – or have constant updates.

      Chrome is perfect for browsing – maximises the screen page for viewing, is quite nice and simple – easy to move around and quick between tabs. resource space is minimal as well – and the great option “reopen closed tab”.

      For all those who are using or stuck with IE / FF in work – download PortableApps onto a USB – then install chrome on the USB and use at work. Boom!