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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 1, 2012 @ 10:21 am


    Ciara O'Brien

    Feel like being ordered around by Mr Burns? Or how about Marge Simpson? TomTom has released new character voices for its GPS systems that allow you to be bossed about by one of Springfield’s finest.

    It’s not just a case of swapping the dull included voice for another, still repeating the same old commands. Apparently you get a flavour of the character too. So you get Mr Burns insulting you by referring to you as the “driving monkey” and Marge commenting on the peculiar odour coming from your car.

    The two new additions join Homer, who apparently is the most downloaded character voice for TomTom’s devices.

    The good news: it doesn’t matter whether you have an iOS app or the dedicated GPS device. The voices are downloadable for both.

    The not-so-good: it’s not free. But then, why would it be? It’ll cost you a mere €4.95 to get each voice if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. The TomTom sat nav devices are a little more expensive, at €9.95.

    I’m holding out for Abe. You might get there two hours late, but at least you’ll get to hear some old-man tales on the way.


    • Simon Oliver says:

      I imagine there will be frills like DONUT itineraries or warning bleeps when one nears schools, mental institutions or nuclear power plants.

    • JOD says:

      I think I’ve enuf Americans tellin me what to do. This former-Republic-that-can’t-control-H-sorry-her-own ports might consider S she’s the same. Thanks. I’ll stick with the cut-glass tones of my Tom-Tom ‘Jane’ until the Hardy Bucks bring out a GPS voice. Then I’ll buy that. Feckin’ shpeedin down the N3 an instead of that annoying bing-bing-bing the minute you go 4 klicks over the Limit you could hear ”Yer goin’ mad as a bag of shpiders man”. Feckin what more could a man want? Don’t be greedy God said a load of times don’t be greedy. FEck the Simpsons bring on the Hardy Bucks GPS voice. With a little secondhand Shkyline as the default car never mind the arrow there isn’t a road in this country that I drive shtraight enuf for an arrow.