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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 1, 2011 @ 9:00 am

    Tech Tools: Metal Inkless Micropen

    Ciara O'Brien

    Ever had the need to write upside down? How about under water? You never know when the mood will strike.So just in case, you really need this pen.

    And even if you’ll never need a pen that works in space or sub-zero temperatures, the Metal Inkless Micropen  is impressive.

    It’s inkless, because it writes in metal. It’s almost smudge-free, for pretty much the same reason.

    Best of all, you’ll never need to refill the ink or sharpen it, giving it a major advantage over regular writing implements.

    The lead-based tip will leave a permanent mark – so it’s probably best to keep it out of your mouth – and it comes with a keychain, so you can keep it close by. Get over to ThinkGeek.com to get one.


    • seona says:

      so, it’s a fancy pencil?

    • Not really. It’s lead, not graphite.

    • Is that the full size of it or has the main bit been screwed off?

      I can remember underwater paint being showcased on Tomorrow’s World in the 80s. Is it just me or have most of the inventions on that show never seen the light of day?

    • ciaran says:

      Hasn’t lead been banned as a constituent in paint – why is it considered appropriate in a pen, or fancy pencil for that matter?

    • That’s the full size.

    • jk says:

      NASA spent millions of dollars on researching a reliable, cheap, intuitive writing device for zero-gravity\freefall…. and the ever-so-practical Russians looked at them in their ever-so-Russian way and whispered ‘pencil’. Lead?