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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: March 24, 2011 @ 9:00 am

    Tech tools: Ingenuitea

    Ciara O'Brien

    Tea connoisseurs take note. Adagio’s IngenuiTea portable teapot allows you to make loose leaf tea without having to mess about with strainers and stray loose leaves.

    Perfect for the office, the device will make you the perfect cup of tea without the mess or fuss. Simply fill it with your choice of tea and boiling water and, when you place it over your mug, a spring-loaded valve will drain the brewed tea into your cup.

    The leaves – the really messy part – remain caught in the replaceable filter. It’s made of food-grade polycarbonate and holds about 473ml of liquid – enough for two cups of tea or a decent sized mug.


    • sonykopines says:

      Rosemary McCabe’s granny’d love that. Funny. When I lived in China all the tea they drink there they aren’t bothered by the leaves floating about in the cup. It’s a western scruple more so. Must get one of those Ingenuiteas though. Just for the sake of having such a nice thing on my desk. Where can oh I see you’ve the web address below ok adagio.com so it is.

    • Firebox.com does them too, might be cheaper shipping.

    • sonykopines says:

      Grand thanks I’ve pre-ordered one from Firebox. STG£20.99 delivered to Ireland incl. £5.00 Royal Mail charge. Wonder how long the filter lasts. Forgot to order a spare (nor did I see one advertised). Yirrah like most people when the filter runs out on yer fancy kettle/water jug whatever i just chuck it away and do without.

    • sonykopines says:

      Or else use a wodged up tissue or a bit of muslin or something. Janey I remember a time when the fuseboxes in half the houses in the country were full of burnt fuses with bits of tinfoil from fag packets wrapped round them to complete the circuit. Totally made a nonsense of the idea of a fuse. But sure we Irish are like that if we can’t see it it isn’t really there.

    • sonykopines says:

      It’s not shipping until March 29th from Firebox. But I’ve pre-ordered it. Did I say that already? Duh

    • sonykopines says:

      (I BET it leaves a ringmark on yer desk after you’ve emptied it into yer mug. O well it’ll not be the first ringmarks on my desk. Used to be fag burns as well til the damn smoking ban came in and I started working for tech companies. They used give my desk a certain air of business. A kind of wabi-sabi of well used-ness. Nowadays where I work is 10,000 times cleaner than an operating theatre. Sic transit gloria mundi. )

    • sheila quinn says:

      in my 70′s; would love one of those

    • Muireann Tóibín says:

      It’s available on Adagio’s European website for €18 + €4 shipping – http://www.adagio.uk.com/teaware/ingenuiTEA_teapot.html .

    • sonykopines says:

      An excellent little yoke. Looks brilliant well-engineered (slightly flimsy hinge ‘twixt lid and cup might cause many’s a spill as life goes on but otherwise built like the Forth Bridge) and makes a great cuppa one-handed. No ring marks the valve and seals are tight you just fill it with boiling H20 and leaves and when it’s brewed put it on top of any sized cup up to about a half-pint mug the valve clicks up the liquid drains down and leaves a perfect little ring of waste leaves along the bottom which as Ciara says your dishwasher’ll take out no problem provided when you put it in the rack you leave up the lid. Which means it’ll have to go on its side and take up three normal cup spaces easier to rinse it under the tap. Tea lovely and gold and just one tiny speck of a black leaf a-swim like a midge lovely looks good in the kitchen too. Bring teabags to the office. How’s Muireann say hello to Fianna Sile Aishie an Sean from me. And your dad. :)