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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: October 14, 2010 @ 8:02 am

    Gran Turismo 5 delayed (yet again)

    Ciara O'Brien

    If there was one game I was looking forward to in the next few weeks, Gran Turismo 5 was it. It’s been delayed for long enough, but we got a peek at E3 this year, and you could see why. The designers have put a massive amount of work into making the game look as realistic as possible, so much so that when you were looking at a shot of the car from game and the real-life vehicle, it was hard to tell the difference.

    The release date had been set, a launch event planned, and we were almost there.  Almost.

    But this morning, Sony announced it would be delayed yet again. This time, “production difficulties” are to blame.

    Have a look at Twitter, and you’ll see GT fans are not happy. And creator Kazunori Yamauchi is coming in for some serious criticism for the delay.

    You can’t blame them really. GT5 was first revealed at E3 back in 2006. And it had already been in development for a couple of years at that stage. We were given a March 2010 release date, which also passed without any hope of the game being released. Then November 2nd, a deadline which the game is clearly now not going to meet.

    “Holiday 2010″ is the best we’ve got so far.

    This game better live up to the promises…

    • Marcus says:

      It’s a bit like Starcraft 2, they want to get it just right

    • Dave McG says:

      I played the demo for ‘Gran Turismo 5′ recently and can’t say i was ‘wow’ed…. “horrendously underwhelmed” is how i’ve greeted every GT game and this one promises to be no different.
      It does look near-realistic, as near realistic as the current gen of consoles can really do, which is really well show-cased in the theatre-mode for a race you’ve just completed- but you need more than graphics to make a good game.
      This game, sadly, is an over-hyped soggy-turd that appears every now and then, it’s controls are clunky, it courses dull and agonizingly dull after repeated plays, and the game is… Not to take pot-shots at another PS3 “gem”, but it’s in the same league with “Metal Gear Solid” for me- they’re the last games that PS3 “fan boys” really clammer around- like “Halo” for the XBox- or “Super Dr. Mario Brothers Land Smash Up Brawl 2″ for the Wii- or whatever the most pirated game for the PC is- i dunno, let’s say: some dating-sim hentai game.

      The one common thread for all of these games? Overhyped garbage that eclipses any innovation or progression or new ideas that are around in gaming these days.

      If people on Twitter aren’t happy, well at least i still know that there’s nothing i’m missing on Twitter.

    • Paddy Comyn says:

      I have to agree with Dave in that the preview game wasn’t great. I found it very fiddly and not very realistic. The controls were awful.