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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 30, 2010 @ 8:55 am

    iPhone 4: The costs

    Ciara O'Brien

    It’s all about Apple this week. The iPhone has just gone on sale, and to all those who were queuing at 7am in the rain this morning, I admire your dedication because there’s nothing that would make me stand in wet weather at that hour of the morning without whining. Lots.

    If you’re still weighing up the costs, here they are.

    Three Ireland:

    Only available with 18 month contracts. This is the first time Three has got the iPhone on its network.  Flexi units can be used for either one minute of voice calls, two text messages or 500kb of internet use above your data allowance. You also get 3 to 3 calls and bitbuzz wifi for the life of your contract thrown in.

    The free add-ons include: Unlimited calls to all ROI landlines; 150 evening & weekend minutes to any ROI mobiles or landlines; cheaper calls to landlines and mobiles in either the USA and Canada, Australasia or Europe; 150 texts per month to any ROI mobile network; 500MB of data; or 2GB of data.

    Obviously, there’ll be some terms and conditions, so read the small print. The Ultimate Flex plan has a fair use limit but it’s ridiculously high – 10,000 flexi units. I think even I would find it hard to burn through that in a month.


    These are also 18 month contracts. The plans also come with unlimited free Vodafone to Vodafone calls and texts and 2GB of data. However, the 2gb of data appears to be a limited offer.  Further down the page it says Perfect Choice Access Plus plan details are valid to 31.08.10.  “New customers signing up or changing price plan from 01.09.2010 on Perfect Choice Access Plus & Perfect Choice Access Plus 150 will have a data allowance of 500MB, Perfect Choice Access Plus 300 and above will have a data allowance of 1GB.” So if you’re doing it, sign up before the end of the month or be stuck with the lower data allowances.

    Also, on Perfect Choice Access Plus 300 and above you can choose either unlimited free Vodafone to Vodafone calls and texts or unlimited landline calls, according to Vodafone’s website. It also mentions something about the free calls and texts deal it does for five nominated friends.

    A tethering bundle will cost you €9.99 for 1GB or €19.90 for 10GB.

    If you already have an iPhone, you can get a sim-only plan with a 1GB mobile internet add on and a 1GB tethering bundle.

    O2 Ireland:

    For upgrading customers

    For new customers:

    O2 Ireland is currently limiting its iPhone 4 sales to existing customers only, due to limited stock.

    It’s offering 2GB of data to customers, with extras including a 4GB broadband add on, unlimited evening and weekend calls to any Irish mobile or landline, unlimited texts to Irish networks, free O2 to O2 calls, and lifestyle and Sky Sports extras. The full range of freebies is here.

    O2 doesn’t mention charging extra for tethering either.

    • Aine Ireland says:

      Platinum Iphone4 does sound nice. Main issue would be the fact that they dont work properly. If they could resolve this then maybe I could understand the queuing. I hope in 2 years (or less) the i-pad 2 will be launched with USB functions, can print documents and is lighter, and the i-phone 5 works and can make a call with a decent battry life. Until then I wish all users the best.