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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 23, 2010 @ 8:42 am

    iOS4: your impressions?

    Ciara O'Brien

    It took the best part of an hour and a half (some swearing, a little pleading and a lot of frustration) but I’ve updated my iPhone 3GS to iOS4.

    First impressions? I like it. The fact that I can choose my wallpaper. The faster camera with digital zoom.Tap to focus for video. The fact that my mailboxes (of which there are several, as you can see from the number of unread messages) are now unified.

    Most of all, I love the folders. My screen now looks like this:

    Less impressive: the multitasking, although this was well flagged by people on Twitter when I mentioned updating the phone. Not all the apps have been updated to allow multitasking. Not all apps can multitask completely, although the ability to suspend apps and return to them to pick up where you left off is a welcome change. It’s a small, underwhelming step, but it’s one in the right direction I suppose.

    Also, even without multitasking, my battery life is suffering.

    What do you make of the new update?

    • Paddy Comyn says:

      Yea I quite like it, but I haven’t really seen the multitasking working yet. I do like the fact that when someone sends you a mail with a date in it that this can automatically be saved as a calendar event. Also, the camera seems to be a little bit faster than before.

    • EmilyAM says:

      Love the folders, love the screen orientation locak and love the spell check. Only like the wallpaper and have yet to really see the multi-tasking. The new scrolling option for commonly used apps is good too.