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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 2, 2010 @ 7:47 am

    Which came first – the iPad or the iPhone?

    Ciara O'Brien

    You know all those jokes about how the iPad is just an earlier, bulkier version of the iPhone? They could be closer to home than you think. It turns out that Steve Jobs came up with the idea for the iPad long before the iPhone was even considered.

    In fact, the idea for the phone came after the company (temporarily, it seems) shelved plans to build a tablet computer.

    Steve Jobs was speaking at the All Things Digital conference in California yesterday. He said the company tried to “reimagine” the tablet PC. “What we said from the beginning is if you need a stylus you’ve already failed – so we built a very different animal,” he told the conference.

    The iPad has sold two million units already, implying that Apple’s strategy has paid off.

    What do you think? Have you bought an iPad? Are you even considering it?

    Personally, I’ll hold off for two reasons – price, and the fact that I’d like to see what Apple will add to it for its second generation of devices. Also, I have other purchases in mind for the imediate future – iPhone 4G anyone?

    • Kynos says:

      It needs a webcam, a better battery, WiMax/3G/Edge. It also needs a lot more ports (Express, USB, Firewire). I was in a cigar bar in West Santa Cruz there the other week and met an Apple video software design guy, nice fella. He showed me how he uses his iPad to stream movies – v impressive. Also showed me a copy of AA Milne’s House at Pooh Corner. Even the pages turn realistically and Mr Shephard’s (colourised) illustrations look even more beautiful almost than the original. O I’ll be buying a few (for self and kids esp my youngest who needs the Grace app in PECS and Makaton) but a) when I’ve saved up the money and b) by that time they should have the lacks ironed out and stabilised it generally. 300 bucks the cheapest one costs in California. So I’ll probably wait til I get out from the RIP-OFF RIPublic of Ireland to buy them somewhere cheap like there.

    • peter says:

      I recently picked up an ipad and the user interface is very nice and easy to use. The thing I found was that the kids really love it and don’t want to put it down. From the technology side I think this is first gen and will get better. If i had a choice i would rent one to play with. Google ipad rental and see if there is something available. If you don’t like it you can give it back. The real interesting part is to see what new uses are going to come from this device 2 million and counting

    • Dexter11235 says:

      The ipad is so simple to use and yet can do so much, Apple didn’t add all those ports and a camara beacause they didn’t want to sacrifice battery life for some useless ports.

    • lolz says:

      @ Kynos … you are so misinformed, it is funny. Do some research before posting next time.

    • Kynos says:

      Perhaps you might inform me as to why I’m so misinformed lolz. Opinions not substantiated by facts sure isn’t it the national sport on here?

    • FCNoVA says:


      One thing that really sticks out to me is the statement that “…if you need a stylus you’ve already failed”. To me nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been an avide TabletPC user for years, and one area that I have found the device to be particularly useful in is taking notes. To me, not only is it more natural to take notes “longhand” using a stylus as a pen, but it really seems to me to be almost a necessity. I just can’t imagine trying to take notes during a business meeting, brainstorming session, or during a class using only a keyboard (“virtual” or real), as that would preclude the ability to include simple sketches, preliminary GANTT type charts, complex equations, free-body diagrams, or other type items that can typically come up.

      Ideally I suppose having a device that can both use a stylus and hand jestures would be nice, but I’m suspecting that the technology is not there yet. As such, if I had to chose either, I’d prefer a device that uses a stylus over one that uses hand jestures as the stylus is just too useful to me right now. As such, I haven’t bought an iPad, nor am I considering one at this time.



    • Fiona Harris says:

      I may sound old (but I am not!) but I fail to grasp what is so amazing about this thing. I love gadgets but I have no desire for this one. What is it that it does that I can’t do with other gadgets? I have the same feeling regarding the iPhone, I have a much better ‘phone that does not freeze and does all the things I need and many I don’t need but it is not the most publicised brand. Do we really need to create a completely homogenised society where we all do and choose exactly the same things? Not me, thanks.

    • Kynos says:

      And if you wouldn’t mind backing me up here Lolz my kids’ mums might be reading and I rather unwisely promised them all iPads when I went to the US last and thereafter found the old credit card was a bit …erk…embarrassed so all good excuses welcome here. Including any technical ones. The more technical the better. Truth be told.

    • Kevin Hayes says:

      I’m commenting with my iPad from my bed. The cost of the cheapest one here in Silicon Valley (16G,WiFi only) is nearer $600 with sales tax and a (needed) cover, twice what Kynos says. That said I’m delighted with it – the gorgeous screen and UI, the sheer functionality of it. What other device can you comfortably lie in bed with to send email, surf the net and then read a book? It never freezes but neither does my iPhone. I knew from the start it was going to be big. I’m switching to a desktop Mac (first since 1984) and going to do without a laptop. And the TSA don’t make you take it out of your bag. I’m taking it on a sailing trip in the Med – all the marinas have WiFi.

    • Kynos says:

      Well I was told that the iPad the cheapest one was around 300 bucks Kevin. By somebody in Silicon Valley. Two weeks ago. When I asked him in a cigar bar. He didn’t mention sales tax nor a cover. And I see Apple is advertising the cheapet one on their US store at $499.00. Which is 100 bucks less or so than you mention. Mebbe he was talking about grey market. Or maybe he was talking thru his arse. It wasn’t the Apple engineer btw. So OK I’ll double check before stating prices of stuff again then. I used to be a divil for x-checkin everything I wrote on this site. And triple-checking it again. Had more time on me hands back then. Or took it all a lot more seriously don’t ask me.

    • Kynos says:

      Oh btw Kevin if you’re going anywhere near Israel DON’T bring your iPad. Seriously. Israeli customs will seize her. Apparently the RF range she uses interferes with some the IDF uses. They’ll seize her at Ben Gurion and charge you by the day for storage until you make your own arrangements to get the thing back home. So be advised yeah? This one I know to be true.

    • Kynos says:

      OK OK I admit it I shoulda checked the price. Anyway thanks for the correction. And I can further justify it on the basis that the thing was twice as expensive as I thought would be going on what some guy in a bar told me. At least I no longer have to justify as to why I’m in bars talking to anyone guys or girls freedom my friends comes at a great price but trust me no price is too high for it.

    • Durkin says:

      -Battery life is 10 hours (tell me another netbook/laptop that will get that)
      -Not $300.
      -Israeli ban on iPads was lifted in April.

      I’m not buying one I was just amazed that the person who’s reponses take up half this post entire response list should be so consistently wrong. Maybe should should read around a bit before commenting.

    • Kynos says:

      I guess Durkin it’s because it fills column inches. Must say, I’ve never had so many corrections as I’ve had on this particular thread, in 8 years of writing here. Just as well the IT doesn’t pay me a penny for it ain’t it? Thanks for the correction. I already knew it wasn’t 300 bucks, so you’re a bit late there. Glad the Israeli ban’s been lifted. Believe I was first one to mention it in the IT when it came in, hope it spared a few people some annoyance. As for the battery life, ten hours you say? Is that in sleep mode? Watching videos? Using heavy spreadsheet processing? Be specific please. Thanks. Haven’t time to read about a bit before commenting these days. Busy busy man I am. Type faster than I think sometimes. Sometimes vice versa.

    • FL says:

      Kynos, whose observations on what he (?) feels is lacking in the iPad I found interesting, offered a few comments that got corrected (which in turn gave me info I hadn’t had). Kynos, who’s clearly good-humoured, responded amicably to an unhelpfully unspecific ‘you are so misinformed’ comment. Durkin, who’s not a very useful commentator, commented solely to repeat that Kynos was wrong. Durkin, whose sense of superiority is not matched by his grammatical skills, should perhaps also consider some more reading. (It’s not the grammar as such I’m snarking about, it’s someone sneering at other contributors while using bad grammar – because bad grammar is its own punishment. Gratuitous extra lesson in that last sentence! I can’t help myself!!)