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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 21, 2010 @ 10:09 pm

    Google doodles for Pacman

    Ciara O'Brien

    It’s Pacman’s 30th birthday – not a bad age, if I do say so myself.

    But check out how Google has chosen to mark the occasion: a Pacman doodle. And not only a Pacman doodle, but a playable one too. Catch it before it’s gone.

    • Kynos says:

      Janey that brought back memories. 30 year old memories of days ensconced in the smoke filled backroom of Mrs Martin’s corner shop in my wee town, slamming those Konami joysticks about playing Defender, Pacman, Asteroids, Space Invaders, Firebird, 10p a pop and you really felt you’d had value for money if you got the free man. David Bowie blasting “Under Pressure” from the juke box; fellas just feeding their dole straight into the fruit machine yeah I’m jes’ sittin’ here watchin’ the wheels go round an rou-u-u-nd / Ah really love 2 watch them roll”. The years haven’t improved my Pacman skills I just barely made it past the first level there though I note he’s just as unresponsive to direction keys at certain critical times as he was to that old joystick years ago. I remain convinced now, just as then, that there’s a wee bit of ‘fixing’ goin on in that game. Altho’ these days he doesn’t cost me all my pocket money, old Pacman. Tho’ God knows if I was having to feed tenpenny pieces into this Macbook it might feel like it.

    • Hannah says:

      that is magnificent and i think its amazing. iv tried the game out my self and its pretty spectacular. thankyou google. just keep commi9ng up with the same ideas and you’re sure to keep on rocking the internet|!

    • waqas mughal says:

      i love this game for a long time and always playing a days and nights

    • SANDY says:

      i just tried a few times…its pretty cool

    • vijish varma says:

      This is the first time i am seeing that for any promo,or add is provided in such a way that google did.I appreciate this.And many many happy returns to the pacman

    • Oliver says:

      My tip: Users can click the “Insert Coin” button to get the game going, or click it twice to kick-off a two-player game – you can play as Ms pacman – controls are w,s,a,d. Enjoy! :)

      More info at http://pacmanmuseum.com/news/

    • julianberg says:

      pacman is amazing!
      check out http://www.webpacman.com for more versions of pacman including ms.pacman which is my favorite…
      thanks for this special day!! :-)

    • B says:

      OMG…. is it gone? I’ve been playing the GOOGLE version since I noticed it at work on Friday….. I’ve been late to everything all weekend… I never thought I would get so addicated!!