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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 14, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

    Tech Tools: HTC Desire

    Ciara O'Brien

    HTC’s latest handset is yet another challenger to the iPhone. The Android phone has a 3.7in LED display, which is bright, responsive and perfect for web browsing, viewing images and watching video. It has pinch to zoom and also supports Flash content. A decent video and still camera have been included.

    The processor is faster than that of the current iPhone model – a 1GHZ Snapdragon chip, the same as the Nexus One, which HTC also make for Google – and it can multi-task without so much as a flicker of complaint.

    A word to the wise though: download Task Killer or a similar programme, or you’ll  probably end up with a lot of extra programmes open in the background, slowly draining your battery. If you do this, you’ll get a decent enough run out of the battery. In a comparison test with the iPhone, the Desire actually lasted longer in terms of battery life.

    The one drawback of the Android platformat the moment is that there are no paid apps available for Irish users just yet, although there is talk of this being opened up later this year. However, there are plenty of free apps available.

    €119 on postpay from Vodafone