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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 29, 2010 @ 8:01 am

    Tech tools: Tunebug

    Ciara O'Brien

    Mobile music doesn’t have to be poor quality. Imagine if you could make any surface into a speaker big and powerful enough to blast out your iPod’s music at a level that kept you happy, while still remaining portable. Tunebug Vibe does exactly that.


    The compact device can be used in conjunction with your mobile phone, digital music player and laptop – in fact, anything with a 3.5mm jack – cranking up the volume by using the flat surface the Tunebug is resting on. The official explanation is that sound waves pass through the surfaces that the Tunebug rests on. The resulting sound quality is pretty decent, much better than expected. It even looks good too, with laser-etched logos and brushed metal casing.

    It weighs in at 150g and charges over USB. Time to ditch the tinny speakers for something with a little more power.



    • Try finding a store on grafton street where you can use a mobile phone without the noise it’s sometimes very difficult and in summer stephens green itself becomes an outside blast arena.There’s no getting away from the war on silence thats everywhere.

    • michelle says:

      As long as it’s MP3s you’re playing, the quality will be poor! It’s still a mangled sound file. Giant speakers won’t fix that.

    • Kynos says:

      The mind boggles. Stick one on your skidlid and play Bat Out of Hell or say “The Chain” by Fleet.Mac. or some speedmetail say some Slayer no that’s deathmetal not on a mo’bike is that a good idea elsewhere sure. But you see me meaning. Or hey you could put it on yer saddle and um…I dunno use yer iPod to record yer Zanussi on spincycle hey I think I’ll just leave now sorry

    • Carl Moore says:

      Don’t go down the country’s busiest street and expect quiet then Patrick. What a totally ridiculous statement.

    • 101 says:

      I’ve a couple Arai’s with flat areas could take this tunebug theres plenty of he usual bugs round the front been a few years since I cleaned any out of my teeth though nearly 16 to be exact sorry just trying to work through a personal dilemma here its an old addiction has resurfaced now that I’ve some moral justification for indulging in her. Said to my oldest’s mum near 20 years ago when I first met her there were still knights in shining armour tho’ iour horses be mad eof steel. She still says it was the chessiest chatupline she ever heard bu it worked. Now I have an old addiction she’s big and red and 900ccs of Mr Honda-san’s finest 1980s tech throbbing between me…knees. She’s been in storage out in west Dub since 1994 in a seacontainer under a tarp covered in oil. This summer I’ll be free of a geasa that said I couldn’t take her on the road again for 16 years. Vade retro Satanus. Head’s full of the thought of it now. Never If though always When that too and there’s three sisters aren’t anywhere close to 16 any of them. Anyway. I’ll think on. I only promised the one. Not the other three. Ain’t fair but is it just? Am I just bing a selfish git?