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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 6, 2010 @ 10:40 am

    Tech Tools: U Record Video Converter

    Ciara O'Brien

    Technology has moved quickly and unless you were quick to jump on the DVD bandwagon, you probably still have several video tapes lurking in a cabinet somewhere.

    A quick search of my own revealed a stash of videos hiding behind the DVDs. I’ve no idea what they were doing there.  haven’t owned a video player since 2001. And I’ve moved three times since then.


    So what to do with them? The films, box sets etc have already been bought on DVD. But home videos are another thing. These are the tapes that document my (slightly dodgy) music tastes from the late 1990s, when MTV still played music and we’d sit there for hours waiting for a song to come so we could tape the video. Interviews with bands and former film stars I can’t even remember the names of.

    There are the tapes of family events that provide you with enough blackmail material for the next year at least, threatening to reveal the evidence of dodgy dance moves and the odd mullet here and there. Priceless stuff.

    It’s history in a plastic case.

    You could send some off to professional services, which can work out a little bit pricey, depending on how many tapes you have. Or you could just try it yourself at home. The U Record Video Converter allows you to digitise your videos and clear out some much-needed space with just a couple of cables and a few hours of your time.

    The drawback is, of course, that you need something to play tapes on to convert them. The U Record Video Converter will hook up to a VCR – if you still own such a thing – or a video camera. You can convert the tapes to digital files for your laptop, burn them to DVDs or transfer them to MP4s.


    • Des o Boyle says:

      where can i but one of these boxes and does it have the cables and the software.