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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 6, 2010 @ 10:58 am

    Tech Tools: Eye-Fi Pro X2

    Ciara O'Brien

    There are several things that will remain certainties for me: I will always lose the USB camera from my at least once; despite owning about 16GB of memory cards, I will always run out of space too soon ; and photographs from holidays will, if not uploaded almost immediately, get forgetten about until I find the memory card months later.


    What you really need is some sort of wireless camera. They aren’t unheard of, but they’re not commonplace just yet, and I’m not particularly keen to swap my almost new compact camera for one just yet.

    The Eye-Fi Pro X2 could be the answer. It looks like your average memory card – complete with 8GB of storage – but it has wireless built into it.

    It turns any camera that takes a regular SD memory card into a wireless-enabled device. That will enable it to automatically upload your photographs to an online photo-sharing website from any open wireless hotspot, or one you have registered with.

    The best bit – for me anyway – is the setting on the card that deletes old uploaded images automatically, ensuring you never run out of space. It starts with the oldest first, making sure you have a set amount of space that remains free. An ad-hoc connection with your laptop will transfer images directly to your hard drive.

    No USB cable, no mess. No tearing the place upside down because the camera company uses a proprietary USB cable. No scouring Ebay for a replacement that doesn’t cost almost as much as the camera.

    The pro version is a bit pricier than your average SD card at $149, but some things- such as my sanity – are worth paying for.


    • Kynos says:

      Excellent. If you had say an Apple Time Capsule it means your camera could upload your photos the minute you walk in the door.

    • Kynos says:

      Car I was driving in the US lately (big mustang Ciara;) us cyavan bys like our muscle cyars hai. had iSync by Microsoft in the sound system. Could plug in the iPod to a usb port in the console (actually in the centre glove box and the radio would sync with all the tracks, thereafter accessible from the iPod, hidden and happily charging, via touch switches on a stalk on the steering column. Strikes me if you also had a port for an SD card you could turn the Eye-Fi into a pretty nifty tracking device to chart a thief’s progress in your car around the place. Probably work better in California the bogs of Cyaavan aren’t exactly buzzin on the Grid yet mind. Just an idea. And an oppo to blow about a car I hired lately with some mates tch aren’t we just pathetic really its the male-opausal years

    • kynos says:

      Micron and Intel ‘ve got 25mm NAND flash memory the size of the hole in the middle of a CD it’s described as and that in relation to an 8GB device. 50% power reduction from the 50nm level they were working on in 2006. Two of these in a flash card gives 16GB.