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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 28, 2010 @ 12:26 pm

    The iPad revealed

    Ciara O'Brien

    So there it is. The Apple iPad. The slightly dodgy name aside, what did you think?


    This is what the Irish Times would look like on the iPad, on the Extra Extra app.

    The device is already getting mixed reports. Apple has managed to split people into two camps: the people who think it’s the best device to hit the web, and those who think it’s slightly disappointing. After yesterday’s event, here’s the main points so far.

    The good: 

    Screen: The iPad has 9.7-inch touch screen. It looks great, and shows just what you can do with multitouch on a large screen. Media looks great on it, and scrolling on a screen like that makes it look like fun.

    Design: Thin, light, looks a lot like a giant iPhone. The Dom Joly reference has been made a few times though.

    Apps: Getting access to the App Store is a good move. Some, like Extra Extra shown above, will be free for existing users to download again (EE uses a universal binary) .

    Battery life: Looks impressive enough, although whether it lives up to the 10 hour claim is another thing. Still, an improvement on a lot of laptops out there.

    The bad: 

    Capacity limit: 64GB capacity for the largest iPad. Guess we won’t be seeing a larger capacity iPod touch for a while then. 64GB may be ok for a smartphone, but most standard laptops have left this sort of capacitybehind a long time ago. And while the iPad is not a laptop (before the comments start), if you want to put media on it, you’re going to eat through that fairly quickly. Which brings us to…

    No USB: This means you can’t hook up an external drive to store movies, photos or music on. You can’t even get your images on to the iPad without an extra kit (price unknown) or by syncing it with a laptop. Hmm.

    No Flash support: Yes, I know Flash is a pain. Yes, I know it causes crashes. But at the end of the day, cutting out support for Flash means a lot of websites are inaccessible. Until that changes, it’s a bit of a flaw for a web-browsing device.

    No multitasking yet: One of the iPhone’s problems, the iPad doesn’t allow multitasking yet either. It run’s on the same operating system though, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. Something Apple need to address, especially given the functions of the iPad. You should be able to drag things between applications without having to reopen them.

    The iPad also failed to include the rumoured camera, and you pay extra – $130 – for the 3G enabled version.

    Version 2 or 3 might be worth hanging on for.

    • cold mike says:

      Utterly pointless crippled gimzo for Apple fetishists and style victims who will pay over the odds for less.

    • What’s a crippled gimzo cold mike?

      But, I do agree. I feel sorry for people who buy this and use it out in the open. It’s not sleek, its not pretty.

      Everyone has an iPhone or at the very least an iPod Touch. Those that don’t better not get suckered into buying this! :(

    • Greg says:

      I’m not an apple fan, but I was interested in the itablet as I thought it could fill the niche between netbook and full sized laptop. I’m very disappointed at the lack of connectivity. I have a lot of music and movies on a drive at home, but there is no simple way of getting these onto the pad. It is aimed at travelers, people on the move, but apple have severely restricted its potential user-base. I’m still better off bringing my laptop onto a plane.

    • Lydia says:

      i think this is a useless product. if this product had more memory, a camera, a usb port, a cd port, and a retractable keyboard then i’ll think about it. think im asking for too much? not at all. they a competing with Dell and other name brand laptops. why carry an ipad when i can jus carry a light wieght laptop.

    • Fretboard says:

      Even though it’s like an oversized iPhone, I’ll still buy the iPad once it comes down in price and gets more memory.

      Check it out:


    • cold mike says:

      CrippledGimzo, apologies for the insult!

      Greg outlined why it is so described by me.
      It all show and no go.

    • paul m says:

      i think people are missing the point here that its not a laptop/netbook replacement and it therefore shouldnt be baulked at because its missing usb, disk drive, etc.

      apple are pushing us towards cloud computing with this device and if anyone can convince the broadband providers to get off their arses and up the connection and roll out, then apple can.

      we’re looking at a future where you store your files remotely and access them online through a hi speed connection thus negating the need for locally stored huge media files such as video audio and photos. I think its a good call for apple to include 3g as well as wifi making its coverage as wide as possible.

      the multitasking is a let down but as they work to keep processors cooler at higher speeds then we will see inroads in this. however maybe using the browser as a multitabbed application could come to the fore again here.

      we have to be shunted out of our way of thinking that we need to attach multiple apps and devices to a machine to make it worthy. google are moving towards an OS from within their browser (gmail and docs and various plugins show how successful this could be), android is growing fast, adobe have been pushing air and this can only be a good thing.

      i’m tired of reams of cables, scratchable media, loseable usb keys and dying hard drives. the ipad may not be the best but its the push in the right direction the industry needs.

    • I think it will be absolootley amazing, think of the possibilities

    • says:

      Had a quick shuffy at this, and as I have a powerbook 17, a touch and an iMac, I see no need to buy this. It is very clunky looking, inconvenient to carry considering it limited uses compared to my laptop, my touch does everything I need, podcasts, docs, email, music etc.

      Its a bit of a pup design wise methinks.

    • says:


      Yes get the kids to beta test it first, I wouldn’t even contemplate buying the “final release candidate”. As for price, it will fall.
      Still don’t see myself opening my wallet unless some unforseen genius app is developed to whet my “I need this” gene ;o))

    • dealga says:

      Wouldn’t a keyboard kind of defeat the point?

      It definitely doesn’t need a disc drive either but not supporting USB is daft.

    • petee says:

      far too heavy to be portable

    • The name is impossible for those of us with Northern Irish accents.

      “Have you seen my iPad?”

      Here it is.

      “No. Not my iPad. That’s what I play music on. I want my iPad, the thing I read the New York Times on.”

    • Petrovski says:

      Yes, yes, how familiar. More or less the same range of gripes that welcomed the iPod and iPhone. The things missing, the things consumers will need to make the product worth buying. That was, what, 50 million units ago?

      The sad truth is that Apple didn’t cobble the iPad together on a whim or ‘forgot’ to include some items – they know precisely what and desirability of the iPad will only become apparent when we consumers catch up with what’s really happening out there. Say six months or so?

    • margaret says:

      I’ll get one. If it’s priced right. For my son, predominately for internet browsing, gaming and utube. It will be useful in addition to my mac lapton as we all spend a lot of time on the internet. The ipod touch also fills this gap. Not having a USB is a big negative though. Im used to a dangle modem when I’m out and about and not dependent on WiFi. The most important thing for this product I think is that it is priced right. We’re all price sensitive now and this product we want but we dont need and that makes all the difference in a recession. As usual with all apple product it looks so cool.

    • Kynos says:

      I suspect they’ve maybe gone to market too early with the tech not fully stabilised nor sufficiently attractive. I hope it’s not another Newton for Apple. Mind their stock price seems immune to gravity right now. But I’d be waiting until it has Wimax, decent storage, and a good camera. Otherwise it’s too much an iPhone four times the size. That said hats off to Mr Jobs & Co. for just the paradigm-breaking attempt. Looking foward to the day they produce a simstim deck with direct neural interface. And we can all fall down the rabbithole.

    • max says:

      It’s shortsightedness to criticise a device without thinking about the apps that will be written for it. Once developers do to the iPad what they did for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the nature of this device will reveal itself. As an entry into a market sector that doesn’t exist – the coffee table net thingy – it’s not about to be an overnight success. And neither was the iPhone, don;t forget.

    • kynos says:

      Don’t know why they’re using an ARM and not an Atom processor. Atoms 2x-3x faster and much better on the video/wi-fi space. Netbooks using Atom are looking at 9+ hours battery life (how’s yer iPhone battery? Lousy right?). Anyway maybe when they get the wi-fi and video tech in we’ll see a move to Atom.