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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: September 8, 2009 @ 1:42 pm

    Spotify restricts accounts

    Ciara O'Brien

    The free Spotify gravy train has finished for Irish users. For the time being, anyway. I found this in my inbox this morning:

    Dear Spotify user,

    We’re writing to you in regards to your Spotify account which up
    until now you’ve been using free of charge.  While we are really
    happy that you are enthusiastically using Spotify, we are
    unfortunately going to have to restrict access to your free

    Spotify is currently available in six countries: Sweden, Norway,
    Finland, Spain, France and the UK.  We never intended to allow
    use of our service outside of those countries and we do not run
    any adverts on your account like we do in the launch countries.
    For this reason we have to restrict your account, you will be
    able to log in to Spotify and view music and playlists but not
    listen to any music.

    We are sorry that we have to take this step.  We do hope to
    launch our free service in more countries in the future.

    If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to
    contact our support team. (support@spotify.com)

    The Spotify team.

    Ah well. It was nice while it lasted. On to the next service….

    • Paul says:

      Bear in mind that free music = no payment to artists or spotify staff. If you ever become a contributior to some form of web content your philosophy on free downloads may change radically.

    • Ciara says:

      Is that a general you? Or specifically to me?

      I think most people using Spotify wouldn’t care about the ads if it meant they had access to the music. The reality is that Spotify has not yet launched an ad supported service in Ireland, despite the fact that it looks like it would pretty popular, if the number of people on Twitter talking about getting the email is indicative of the popularity of it.

      Along those lines, should people outside the target market be banned from accessing web radio?

    • Marc says:

      As someone who has a fair whack of content out there without advertising support (written) and available entirely free of charge (music streaming or for download) I’d like to point out that not all content producers are so entirely mercenary.

      That said, I feel my Spotify account will be bumped to premium imminently :)

    • Brian says:

      End of the line :)

      Spotify is available in Ireland with the pro version. I don’t think €10 is too much to pay.

      I’m spotify convert

    • David says:

      Bye Bye Spotify. I was listening to it this morning, unaware it would be the final time :-(

    • LiamK says:

      its still working for me, despite the email – I’ll just have to avoid rebooting my machine.

      In fairness, I would happily pay €10 a month if I had an iPhone, sadly I can’t justify the additional cost of getting the iPhone in the first place.

    • Fee Clare says:

      €10.00 a month for the premium service, well worth it in my view.

    • WJ Moffler says:

      Easy to bypass. Just use foxyproxy with firefox and use a free norway proxy, login, turn on the proxy, and change your country to norway, nothing else needs to be changed. save and exit. spotify will now work again.

      if it stops after 2 weeks, return the country to ireland and then use the proxy trick again. the hardest part is finding a free proxy from norway that is active. might take a few attempts with the same proxy even. easy enough though.

    • Andy McGarry says:

      I agree, €10.00 a month for the premium service is worth every penny.

    • John Ward says:

      I tried to sign up to spotify premium yesterday – its not available to Irish users anymore.

      Does anyone know why?