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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 31, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

    iPhone flaws highlighted

    Ciara O'Brien

    I like the 3G S, don’t get me wrong. But – and I’m not the only one to point this out – there are some flaws.  Sorry, iPhone fans. It’s true.

    If it’s not reports of overheating batteries, it’s security flaws.  The vulnerability, which can be exploited through sending computer code via the phone’s text messaging system, was highlighted a few weeks ago, but has yet to be fixed.

    In the meantime, experts warn, iPhone users are vulnerable to having their devices taken over and puts affected users at risk of identity theft.

    But aside from the security vulnerabilities, there are a few things missing from the iPhone.

    My top five:

    1. Decent battery life. I was (mistakenly, clearly) under the impression that the iPhone 3G S had a better battery life than its predecessors. Not in my experience. I’m averaging one charge a day if I’m lucky – and I barely use it as a mobile phone. If it’s supposed to be used for music/phone/internet/email, why doesn’t the battery reflect it? And while I’m aware that it’s (partly, at least) due to push settings on the applications, surely someone somewhere in Apple should have picked up on this fact before it was released.

    2.  The ability for apps to run in the background. Getting logged out of instant messaging because you want to check your email is a bit of a pain. Likewise that I can’t run Boombox or other music apps in the background while I work online.

    3.  An FM radio. Which would handily eliminate the need for the third party radio apps that currently don’t run in the background.

    4. The ability use it as universal mass storage. That way you don’t need to use iTunes for everything and you could possibly use it to edit documents on move without having to download yet another app.It might handily solve that annoying tendencey it has of prompting me to erase my phone’s music library any time I dare plug it into my laptop to transfer music instead of my desktop, which just happened to be the first PC I installed iTunes on.

    5. A better camera. Yes, it’s a phone. No, a camera is not a necessity. But fact is, people use them. So instead of relying on third-party apps (yet again) to zoom or perform even the most basic editing features, perhaps Apple should have put a little more work into the camera functions.

    • Mark says:

      Still, for the price it is at, worth buying?

    • Steve K says:

      Android is better.

    • Anthony McG says:

      1. Main reason why I wouldn’t buy one until they fix it. One day is simply not good enough.

      2. It’s a biggie but I don’t know if they’ll allow it.

      3. People have been asking for FM radio on iPods for years but Apple just ignore the requests.

      4. That’s something which I don’t think Apple will ever do. They like to have iPods/iPhones handcuffed to iTunes.

      5. 3.2MP on the 3GS is OK but when others are going to 8/10/12MP then the iPhone is a great multimedia device with a rudimentary camera at best.

    • kungfukarl says:

      good points, though most can be fixed with a small effort.

      1. Decent battery life.
      This one’s easy, turn off location services. also 3G if you are not using it

      2. The ability for apps to run in the background.

      You need to ‘jailbreak’ your iPhone (google it!). Then you can ‘background’. I agree the ability should be included in the O/S, but Apple are worried about even worse battery life.

      3. An FM radio.

      4. The ability use it as universal mass storage.

      5. A better camera.
      Agreed! The iPhone 3G had a pitiful camera, at least the 3GS has auto-focus! But in the days of 5+MB phone-cameras (I had on N96 before iPhone 3G even came out), there is no excuse.

      Lastly, gotta love those apps!

      And why can’t we comment on ALL irish times stories?

    • Agree wholeheartedly with these comments, especially about the poor battery life, which kills my daily productivity.

    • Natalie says:

      I have the Iphone and I love it but there are a few this I’m s bit p’d about. To start with no mms texting, u can’t just put ur own ringtones on it (unless I just cant figure it out), on the 8g u don’t have the battery status, and a few others. Those are the ones that got me a bit frustrated. On top of the fact that AT&T won’t insure them so u have to go out and buy a $70 insurance plan. WTF? Idk that’s my beef. Other than that I love it. Lol

    • Ciara says:

      Mark – a lot of the things I like about the iPhone are available on the iPod Touch.

      kungfukarl – I have wifi and location services switched off, and still the battery life is pitiful.Though it did improve slightly. Jailbreaking isn’t always an option though. However, I agree that the apps are genius – it’s my favourite thing about it.

      Natalie: The lack of MMS is AT&T’s fault, isn’t it? The 3G S added MMS support for networks that offer it. As for ringtones I think you can create new ones through itunes, though only with certain tracks.

    • John says:

      My only problem with the Iphone 3G 16g I use is when it crashes. It’s been working for about 6 days out of the last 18 and as it was bought in Italy (SIM free) Apple insist on it being brought back to Italy for repair (surely that’s anti competitive and restricting consumers?) All the hard reset options have been tried but nothing works – it wakes up when it feels like it – very annoying!

    • Rosemary says:

      Natalie, you can create your own ringtones with a site called audiko – takes fragments from YouTube and you can select which part you want. Hope that helps!

      I heart my iPhone, I’m one of those annoyingly blind people who will hear no evil, see no evil!

    • josh says:

      ok so i would like a nonbiased opinion is it worth buying because i went to an at&t retailer and they didnt carry it because it had some flaws but he didnt tell me what they were other than the battery and the screen is alot more fragile than the old 3g