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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: July 17, 2009 @ 3:07 pm

    Eircom woes

    Ciara O'Brien

    Based on this article, I’ve started getting a number of complaints about Eircom’s broadband service. Slow or limited connectivity, not being able to get online at all in some cases, with problems allegedly extending long past the time Eircom claims the issues were resolved.

    Were you affected? And if so, what are you going to do about it? Would you consider moving ISP? Would it even make a difference?

    • john says:

      i’m having connection problems all the time. i thought it might be my router until i read this. i’m getting on to eircom now

    • Jonathan says:

      Don’t get me started on Eircom. They’re a complete joke, or they would be if it wasn’t so sad……
      I had 1 phone line and then I had another one installed. Thanks to Eircom, they didn’t install another line, they just split the old one, so again, thanks to Eircom my line isn’t eligible for broadband, and they flatly refused to upgrade it. But from what I hear about their hopeless “service” maybe they did me a favour.
      I have wireless broadband which comes in through a small antenna on my roof and I have found the service excellent.

    • Henry says:

      In spite of Eircom’s grandiose adverts, their broadband is not even an option down here in the south west, nor is it likely to be for years. Perhaps that’s just as well; their dial-up ‘service’ cost me around €1200 a year. My present broadband connection – Digital Forge, from Skibbereen – costs a third of that, is always on, and is trouble-free. Eircom is, in opinion, an expensive disaster, and has been for years.

    • Jason says:

      I am having the same problem with Eircom, limited or no connectivity, it has been going on about two weeks now, admittedly it has improved slightly in the past few days. I rang and emailed eircom to complain, but was just told they were trying to fix the “outage” I said in the email I wanted to leave if they didnt sort it out, they didnt respond to that part of the email.
      I am still under contract for a few months to Eircom but will probably think of moving then. Is there anyway of getting out of it early?

    • Garrett says:

      I have both an office and home Eircom broadband accounts and I find that it is so slow! My office is supposedly a 7 MB connection but at time it is painfully slow. The supposed “new” eircom messaging system should be scrapped and they should revert to their previous system. Not only that but some of my emails are unreadable due to some strabge setup in the Eircom mail system. Would I change? Would it make any difference? Eircom control all of the landline Broadband no matter whose service you use.

    • Richard C says:

      I have Eircom’s home broadband package and was affected by the recent “outage”.

      Best advice a few people have given to me was to amend the DNS settings on the router (changed to openDNS). Been running good since the DNS switch.

      Will I be switching ISP? Not at this point of time.

    • Anthony O'Hagan says:

      January 2010

      I am in the Dundalk ,Louth area.
      I have had trouble with Eircom for the past two months at least. For the past four weeks or more I have had no connection at all.