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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: June 9, 2009 @ 6:01 pm

    Apple unveils new iPhone

    Ciara O'Brien

    So there it is. The new iPhone. So what’s different?

    If you were expecting anything earth shattering, you’ll probably be disappointed. The new iPhone 3GS is more of a tweak of the iPhone 3G than a completely new device.


    According to Apple:

    It’s faster: twice as fast as the iphone 3G, apparently, and performs better with applications.

    Longer battery life: essential for all the music/video/still images etc. One of my pet peeves about smart phones and mobiles in general is crappy battery life. No one wants to have to charge their phone every day.

    Bigger Capacity: A new 32GB version has been introduced, with the 8GB version down for a cut in price (in the US at least).

    Better multimedia capability: improved camera with autofocus, video recording functions and the ability to send images and video via MMS.

    Voice control: Like a true gadget geek, this is what actually got my attention.You can control the iPhone and iPod functions through voice commands,
    dial by name or number, play music by artist, album or playlist,tell it to skip tracks, pause music… It could be the one thing that tempts me to buy one. Although the one that would stop me is the fear that people would think I was talking to myself.

    Opinions, anyone?

    • Brian says:

      When is it out in Ireland?

    • Dan says:

      While yes it maybe a tweak, its a pretty deadly one at that. The camera improvement is long overdue and some of the other little bita are quite nifty too. It was gas reading about people on the Apple forum yesterday assessing whether they can return their recently bought iPhone 3G and get the 3GS. I doubt that’ll be to successful!

      Still my reason so far for not buying one or an iTouch is that the storage of them is too small. At the moment my iTunes is about 45GB. I could shave it a bit but not by 10+GB. Looks like I’ll just have to wait. Oh well, thankfully I’m not that sad to be heartbroken by this :)

    • Colm Doyle says:

      I can’t for the life of me understand why the voice control requires a 3GS, it seems like something that could be solved via iPhone OS 3.0. Of course, I can’t understand why it can’t do it already, given that my father’s 6 year old Nokia can do it.

    • Rosemary says:

      I haven’t got an iphone yet, therefore might have a look at this, but I do wonder why people bother updating an already fully functional and adequate device for slight tweaks… I know someone who’s had four iPhones since launch, one because he dropped it in the toilet I think, but insists on upgrading every time they launch a new one. Madness.

    • Tom Cosgrave says:

      I just got an iPhone a month ago! Not particularly impressed with my timing!

      Ciara, what are the chances of O2 allowing customers who have bought within, say, six months of the 3GS being released in Ireland to upgrade to it for a small fee?

    • Ciara says:

      Brian, they haven’t got a release date yet, but O2 told me yesterday they’re definitely going to get it. As soon as I hear anything else I’ll update.

      Tom, not sure, but I can certainly ask the question…

    • petee says:

      tom when it comes to any apple products always remember june is the month for new products and big announcements. hence why the iphone 3g was going cheap here and free in most other countries.

    • petee says:

      The iPhone 3G S will be available in Ireland on 26 June with pricing available at launch