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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 29, 2009 @ 12:32 pm

    Dear eFlow… (MKII)

    Ciara O'Brien

    Having received letter #whoknows from eFlow, I had another look at their website. There’s a section dedicated to my very problem, you know.

    It makes for interesting reading.

    If you have received a payment request from eFlow and your vehicle did not make the journey: We apologise for this error.

    The problem is probably due to an incorrect reading of the licence plate of another vehicle. This can be caused by factors such as:

    • The other vehicle having a broken, dirty or non-standard number plate
    • Poor weather conditions
    • Mounting bolts obscuring letter or number details

    While our system uses the best number plate reading technology in the world, with an overall accuracy rate close to 100%, no system can achieve perfect readings under all conditions.

    I have news for you. My car has a standard number plate. It is not dirty. It is not broken. There is nothing obscuring it at all. I have been through the toll bridge in clear weather conditions, overcast dry days and mild drizzle.

    You have no problem reading my plate and demanding money. The problem seems to be that your systems aren’t connecting to each other.

    Once more for the people at the back: I have a tag account. I am registered. More to the point, I am paying you a fee every month to manage my account, which clearly you are not actually doing. Stop sending me letters, it upsets my inner environmentalist to see all that paper wasted.

    Consider this my official complaint. Your system sucks. Get your money back.

    • Brian says:

      I am in the exact sam boat and have a stack of letters on the window ledge in my hall. Despite having phoned and emailed several times they still have not rectified the problem. It is a ridiculous waste of paper, the postal system and more annoyingly, my time!