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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 22, 2009 @ 3:28 am

    Chrome gets a shiny new version

    Ciara O'Brien

    Google Chrome and I have a volatile relationship. It promised all sorts of exciting things, from faster browsing to easier searching. I installed it, full of anticipation, and was hooked. I had high hopesThen came the crashes. The nice page freezes where Chrome flashes up a little animation and informs you, as if you didn’t know, that something has gone wrong.  But at least it only crashes the tab you were using, and not the entire browser, right? Er, yeah. Sometimes.It went downhill from there.There were the sites that appeared not to recognise Chrome as any sort of browser and  refused to work properly. Then there were the plug-in “issues”. Not to mention the fact that Chrome ratted me out every time I opened a new browser widow, where it displayed other sites I had opened recently. Thanks very much Google, I really didn’t want to announce to the world that I had been researching Miley Cyrus (it was for a review, I swear). I browsed in “incognito” mode almost exclusively after that. The last straw came when my browser windows unexpectedly shut down, no warning, no amusing graphics, no choice to wait or shut down myself. We were finished. I uninstalled it, went back to Firefox and things were great again.But now Google has tempted me with Chrome 2.0. There’s nothing startlingly different about the browser, but subtle changes have made it easier to use. The ability to automatically fill in forms for a start, and the previously AWOL full-screen mode. And you can also remove thumbnails from the ‘New tab’ page, meaning any embarrassing web searches will stay private. Two thumbs up. It has also – allegedly – fixed a lot of bugs, but I’ll reserve judgment on that until I’ve put it through its paces fully. I give it two weeks until I’m reinstalling Firefox and swearing I’ll never stray again.  

    • petee says:

      i donwloaded it but never used it. i’ve been giving flock a go and its not bad. the screen always looks a bit cluttered though.i’ll stick with firefox for the moment

    • Finbarr says:

      I never thought I’d stray from Firefox, but on the Mac it’s too much of a hog and very slow to launch. I use Safari 4 beta instead.Very fast.

      On the PC I now use Chrome and I find it very good. It hasn’t crashed at all on me yet after about 2 months using it.

    • kynos says:

      Could have the potential to be a lot more embarrassing than letting the world know we were researching Miley Cyrus (whoever that is). Ooo-er.

    • Keith says:

      If you decide to stick with it, then why not go the whole way and “iron” out the last few rough spots with SrWare’s (1) google-free version.

      Like you, I installed chrome when it came out, “oh NOOOO!” exclaimed my web developer friend, “..the last thing the world needs is another browser!”. He got me doubting. Then i discovered the phone-home-to-google (2) parts and decided to leave it.

      But then I found Iron and installed it. i haven’t browsed every page on the web but it hasn’t crashed on me yet.


    • ron says:

      I can’t figure out why I need Google Chrome so I never bothered with it.

    • Harry says:

      Chrome. More like Nickel. Not hugely impressed so far.