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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: May 7, 2009 @ 10:58 am

    World’s most expensive netbook?

    Ciara O'Brien

    Netbooks are everywhere these days. With so many PC makers jumping on the bandwagon, it’s getting harder to choose one over another.

    So one enterprising Ebay user decided to stand out from the other sellers and auction off a custom decorated Acer Aspire One. The netbook was designed by Japanese gadget artist UFO-Hayashi, who apparently has done similar jobs on iPods and other eletronic items.



    According to the listing:
    This painting describes about the spring of the life. It means that the spring must come after the long winter in your life. Three circle symbols are used by Radens that are carved and sculpted from Japanese sakura-shells. A lot of lames are made by shaved natural Nautilus. These works took 3 month to complete.

    Of course, you can use this art work as a typical NetBook.

    Instead of just looking at it and occasionally wiping away a smudge, I presume.

    But we are in times of recession, people. Despite this auction making blog posts throughout the web, the item didn’t attract even a single bid. Not even the offer of free shipping in the US could persuade bidders to stump up the cash for a piece of art. Perhaps the minimum bid of $3,000 was a little off-putting.

    Two important things about this particular market:

    1. Netbooks are small. Pass.
    2. Netbooks are cheap. FAIL.

    Putting Swarovski crystals on a netbook, encasing it in gold or getting a well known artist to scrawl all over it probably won’t change the fact that it’s still, at heart, a relatively low-powered notebook, albeit a blinged-up one.  And one that you can pick up for a few hundred dollars elsewhere and draw on yourself for free. Or perhaps stick a few sparkly crystals on.

    This post was brought to you courtesy of a very tiny, very pink, rather cheap netbook. (The only customised item on it is a ‘H’ key that sticks.)