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    May 2, 2012 @ 10:56 am | by Hugh Linehan

    Today we  switched over to a new, unified comment platform to replace the two separate systems which existed up until now. Existing users will need to re-register for the new system, but we hope the benefits will outweigh the inconvenience.

    You’ll see that users now need a social media account – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – to authenticate their login to comment. This reflects The Irish Times’s view that social media now forms a central part of our engagement with our audience. In effect, we’re aiming to move on from the rather antiquated concept of linear comments on articles towards facilitating a more dynamic set of real-time conversations around the many subjects covered every day on our website.

    As part of this, the other big change you’ll notice is that, when you post a comment on the site now, it will appear immediately. Previously, we pre-moderated comments, which often led to frustrating delays. It also made it impossible for people to engage in the real-time online conversations they’re used to having these days. Now, with immediate posting and with comment threading, we hope you’ll find these discussions much easier.

    As part of our move away from pre-moderation, we’ve drawn up new Community Standards for users posting on the site. These standards are intended to make a safe and welcoming place for people with a wide range of opinions and perspectives to share their views in a mutually respectful manner. In order for the new service to work as well as we hope it will, users should carefully read the Community Standards and check that their comments don’t breach them.

    Registered users can use the system to flag posts which they believe breach the standards. These will then be considered by Irish Times moderators.. Any reader can also submit a more detailed complaint about inappropriate material by clicking on the link provided.

    I hope you find this system an improvement on the previous one. We plan to roll it out over a larger number of articles in the days and weeks ahead. As we do so, feedback from you, our readers, will be invaluable and you can be guaranteed it will be taken on board.

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