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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 7, 2011 @ 7:07 pm

    Song for Enda: ‘A chair is still a chair, even when there’s no-one sittin’ there…’

    Hugh Linehan

    Any excuse will do for a bit of Burt and Dusty around these parts, but the lyrics of ‘A House Is Not a Home’ do seem particularly apposite to the TV3 debate. Maybe Vincent could give us a few bars… ‘A room is still a room, even when there’s nothing there but gloom.’

    YouTube Preview Image
    • son of a preacher man says:

      Why can’t FG’s Darth Vader (Leo Varadkar) stand in (or rather sit in the empty chair) for Enda – or better, FG’s Deputy Leader, Chewbacca (James Reilly – nice tidy-up on face fuzz btw Doc Reilly)? Won’t be much fun for Vincent, though – or for us – if it isn’t three-way.

    • robespierre says:

      Interesting Hugh – that’s your third blog slagging off one party.

      Are you covered by the Press Ombudsman or just another FF flunky in the meeja.

    • Ted says:

      And Enda could respond with, “Now I think I know what you tried to say to me, How you suffered for your sanity…”

    • talk-to-the-chair says:

      Oh come on, robespierre! You might as well be writing in BLUE ink and VENOM with all your FG propaganda and all the vitriol you direct at FF. For crying out loud! if a body can’t have a bit of craic!

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