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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: February 1, 2011 @ 9:46 pm

    Is there a saboteur at work in Fine Gael?

    Hugh Linehan

    I ask because it’s hard to think of any other explanation for the video below, from the party’s YouTube channel. If not, then I’d love to get some insight into the thought processes that culminated in this. er, tribute to the late John Barry’s James Bond scores… What were they thinking?
    YouTube Preview Image

    Perhaps the boys in blue should try to learn from this rather impressive video from fresh-faced Dublin South-East independent candidate Dylan Haskins, who (going by his website pics) appears to have recently arrived via time machine from the Leaving Cert class of 1981.
    YouTube Preview Image

    • ahmed says:

      Barosso ‘has always supported’ Ireland- like a rope supports a condemned man. Same party, same policies as FG – robbery of the people of Ireland to pay the banks.

    • Eoin says:

      Fine Gael are so confident that they will be forming a majority government. Enda reminds me of Bertie before he ditched the anorak. Maybe he is to much of a mans man to get the makeup artist and the clothes stylist.

    • Ricardo El Cranio says:

      Sweet Jesus……. save us from the muppets….PLEASE…..SOMEBODY(!), ANYBODY(?), save us from these numpties….they’re all numpties – we’re all doomed, doomed I tell you!!!!!!

    • John Main says:

      This is a skit right not serious, has to be a joke, Just a joke…

    • Cian says:

      The Dylan Haskins add is a great little production. The voice over does make it sound like one of those AIB ads from a ferw years ago encouraging us to take out personal loans for surf trips and wedding rings and the like.

    • Ted says:

      Yes, you’re right, I can see Barosso as Blofeld which makes me wonder if he’s going to drop Enda Kenny (and Ireland) into a pool of pirahna.

      It’s like the Twink Ard Fheis all over again.

    • ken says:

      I can’t believe what i’ve just watched, that chap haskins just leaves them in the penny place when it comes to imagination. I’d have to disagree with you Mr lineman regarding a saboteur at work in FG. It just goes to show how really out of touch this party is. The reference to James Bond is just laughable, i’m sure their thought process is something on the line of ”Enda Kenny is on a mission” And they wonder why he can’t connect with the irish people. My god no wonder were the laughing stock of europe. Good luck to Dylan Haskins.

    • Niall says:

      Brilliant animated video, well done Dylan.
      Compare his well articulated vision to Fianna Fail’s web site which says an obscure ‘Plan’ will be available ‘within days’. The day before the election maybe.
      Nothing will change with the incumbents, they are all of the same DNA, right down to their scruffy cardboard election posters.
      Vote for vision! Vote for Change! Vote Dylan Haskins!

    • hilsallen says:

      Infairness there have been internal forces working against FG since they failed to get rid of him from the healm of the party in the middle of the summer. That video is awful. Someday the political hacks will learn that spoofs are only of use if they are being done by the like of SNL, or possibly in the case of Ireland, the Rubberbandits.

      Dylan’s video is great! Looks about 12 on the posters, but seems to be one of the only candidates to have printed on the back aswell as the front of the posters with Vote Haskins on the reverse. Not in my constitueny but think/hope he’s going to do well.

    • O. B. Server says:

      What a fiasco..!! Our two “sexy” secret agents (0014?) off to Brussels and still in long-outdated “cold war” mode — Laurel & Hardy more like — I’m tellin’ yiz ! Barosso et al would make “Duck Soup” out of Stan & Ollie (Enda & Michael) — what have we done???? Just take a little rest Brian Cowen and come back to the front bench, at least, for pity’s sake. Wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if Fianna Fail get a majority when it comes to polling day. Loving Michael Martin (nearly as much as Brian Cowen !!). Your (young) man Dylan talks the modern YouTube talk alright but most likely much of it is “blowin’ in the wind” but fair play good video. But the other FG pair — licensed to kill alright — licensed to kill any chance we’ve got of recovery !!

    • Declan Waugh says:

      Dylan videoa is excellent and he has obviously watched RSAnimate who have presented many debabtes and lectures using this format for many years. Still well done. works very well.

    • sean says:

      Well at least it wasnt the theme from Gold finger!But if this is our choices between kids who can draW PRETTY PICS AND A BUNCH OF OLD CODGERS. We will be well and truly screwed

    • Fergal says:

      My Good God, what have i just watched. Please people of Ireland find it in your heart to put these FG/FF people out of politics….!!!
      Its just nuts.. seriously, its nuts..!!

    • Miker says:

      Obviously FG are continuing to use out-of-state PR and campaign advisers… or a flock of sheep from Enda’s constituency… this is something one would expect from transition year students (with apologies to all 15/16yr olds)

    • Val P Glynn says:

      What in the name of God did they go to Brussells for? Did Enda have to be vamoosed out of the country, so that he wouldn’t have to face the Irish media, etc? Barosso and the europeans must have had a mighty laugh, whose going out next for a chat because they might be elected, what a sad laugh. This guy and his cohorts are crazy to put up a video like this, I really cringed when I saw it, omg. Please, tell me this is not going to be the person leading my country, Irish people are not that stupid, surely? FF deserve to be shot, but hey, I think they have to be the best of a bad lot, at least theyr’e now seemingly on top of the problem. I may be sorry but after this, they are getting my vote.

    • Muirisable says:

      Did you notice Barroso rubbing his hands together like “Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly”.

    • Jim says:

      Apart from the fact that this is old news, I think this is a case of way to over react here. So FG put up a light-hearted video and somehow its the end of the world. For God’s sake could you all get a grip!

      BTW, I love the Dylan Haskins video. Yet somehow I suspect that if FG had put something up like this on their site you’d have all been slagging it off as opposed to saying it was great.

    • Peter P says:

      Please let me out of here – this is not happening. MAKE IT STOP. I want to vote FG, i really do; but this is too embarrassing for words.

      The election is FG’s to lose and they’re doing a good job of losing it at the moment. Utterly unimpressive.

    • M says:

      Laws-a-mercy ! If Noonan isn’t a dead ringer for “Oddjob” — razor-edged bowler hat now and shure we’d give him the part — As for his boss, Goldfinger — Brass/neck more like

    • D says:

      The ONLY alternative is to vote for independents.

    • Q says:

      Hard to make an informed choice about anything in this country, given the prejudice in the meeja — like, for example, TV3′s Jessica Fletcher clone Ursula Halligan gives me the pip with her lack of impartiality. Could she be a little less ‘Medusa’ to Fianna Fáil and a little less ‘Aphrodite’ to the Fling Guile blatherers! Ursula Harridan more like — and don’t get me started on RTE! Formerly placid, well-mannered Bryan Dobson — I don’t think so! These days he’s in the habit of ejecting venom like a spitting cobra at anything that moves that ain’t his beloved Fang Gall/La bore party pretenders. As for Vincent……Janey tonite! Well anyway, he’s great for the craic and at least everyone gets it in the neck from VinB.

    • Burnt pension fund holder says:

      Wrong music, it should have been the cuckoo waltz

    • Gav says:

      I don’t understand how FG are leading in the polls. They look like FF lite. Same policies, different faces. The media moguls definately want them to win though.
      I’ll probably vote Lab, although I might change to SF if media outlets continue to introduce them by telling me how poorly SF are performing in ecoomic debates. As a voter that’s for me to decide, not the media. There is a definite theme for protraying SF poorly in the media.

    • Eugene O'Negin says:

      Innda and Oddjob were trying to make a point to the young people what read the interweb: “We also have access to these buckos in Europe, by Jaysus, and I tell you when we’re elected we’ll march them back to Merrion St and bring down our interest repayment rate and Twitther it out for all of you young people.” All that was missing was an appearance by Carla Bruni as Plenty….

      I feel like Dylan Haskins has just stepped off the cover of a Minipops album cover or decided to run for office while waiting for an audition in the lobby of Billie Barry’s.

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