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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 28, 2011 @ 4:53 pm

    Want to give your opinions on the election on irishtimes.com?

    Hugh Linehan

    It looks increasingly probable that the general election will be officially called next Tuesday, February 1st. Until then, you can read our ongoing coverage of the pre-campaign news here.

    But with the start of the official campaign, we’ll be launching a full election microsite, where we’ll be trying out some new things – we hope to have more audiovisual content, more live coverage, more interactivity and more voices being heard.

    Part of our plans involve offering a platform on irishtimes.com for anyone who wants to write a piece about any aspect of the election. Just send it to election@irishtimes.com and make sure it meets these simple criteria:

    1) It’s 600 words or less

    2) You’re willing to give your real name, which we can verify.

    3) It doesn’t contain material which may be considered defamatory, which incites hatred or contains foul or abusive language, or is gratuitously offensive.

    If you’re a blogger and would like us to republish one of your posts on irishtimes.com, we’d be happy to do so, attributing appropriately and linking back to your original content.

    We plan to have the microsite up and running on February 2nd.

    • Sean May says:

      I dropped into my local library yesterday to update my change of address on the electoral register. The staff member informed me that the forms they had were out of date but that I could download an up-to-date form from the computer in the library. The problem was that both computers in the library were in use, which would mean my having to book for the next available day in order to get a print-out of the form. I’m on a low income and don’t have access to any other computer / printing facilities. This was a problem clearly shared by another gentleman who had approached the same staff member just before me with the same request. He simply sighed, shrugged his shoulders and left. The powers that be, – ie, Dublin City Council – should cop onto the fact that a great many people are in a similar position to myself and are, to an extent, being disenfranchised from the electoral process purely because of the lack of “hard copies” of the relevent forms and the hassle that this involves. For the record, I will personally still endeavour to ensure that I am on the electoral register, but i wonder how many people will simply not bother – thereby losing their right to vote – because of the difficulties that I have outlined?

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