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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 25, 2011 @ 9:25 pm

    29 days and counting… #ge11 on irishtimes.com

    Hugh Linehan

    So here we go. What could be  one of the most transformative elections in the history of the State now seems certain (barring yet more pratfalls or misadventures) to take place on February 25th. You can follow The Irish Times’s election-related coverage here for the moment. When the campaign officially starts we’ll have more extensive coverage, analysis and debate right through until the last recount has taken place and the precise composition of the 31st Dail. If you have any suggestions/ideas about what we should be doing online, we’d be glad to hear them here. Or you can email us at election@irishtimes.com or get us on Twitter at @itelection.

    I’ll be using this blog to keep an eye on media coverage, online and off, of the campaign, which in all but name has started already. And not too well for the Labour Party, to go by this contribution:

    [YouTube Preview Image

    • Ted says:

      Best of luck with it. Just one suggestion – hunt down every non-party candidate and ask them all hard questions about national issues.

    • Seamus O Coitir says:

      Best of luck. I hope this will help the interested voter to make an informed decision. The lack of public debates where all the candidates in a constituency come together before a public audience during the election leaves most voters depending on their 3 minute meet and greet session at their front door to judge their candidates up close. I often wonder how do most voters come to make their decision.

    • Feargal FitzPatrick says:

      25 Jan to 25 Feb = 29 days ?
      I demand a recount !

    • John Dublin says:

      re:Ted I am a non-party candidate running completely out of the system. I dont have 648 euros as a single ordinary working struggling man. I am running for pole position! My manifesto, the answer to those hard questions is online
      http://www.vote4pluto.com/Home_files/Pluto_2011.pdf and I think you’ll find it makes more sense for this country than anything you’ve seen or heard to date.

    • Derek says:

      I agree with the 2nd comment , re local public debate with local candiates, its has been the way, that the main parties put a person forward and the people follow blind.

      In terms of Political reform, I would favour the US style administration, were experts in their fields could be brought in for each ministers role and work with the elected junior minister on enacting government policy.
      A list of objectives could be set and if not met, the people responible would be removed from office, either the senior public servants or the expert. This of course would require the reneogiation of Senior public servants contracts.

      I would also favour the life time contract with all public servants, where by they can be left go for not performing there role to a standard.

      I would also hope for a reduced amount of TD’s and counciliors and have directly elected city managers/mayors, with local budgets etc

    • robespierre says:

      Whatever you do in this campaign to stay relevant as a medium you need to be much faster moving and interactive than the sporadic blog operation that you have – good and all that it is.

      Live from the campaign feeds from reporters following campaigns would be good as you currently do for some live sporting events or the budget.

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