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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: August 24, 2010 @ 10:32 am

    Summer’s over – back to work…

    Hugh Linehan

    Not that I’ve been off the day job for the last while, but took a break from the blog. Didn’t think I’d been away for that long, so how come everything that seemed so shiny and new suddenly looks so old-fashioned?

    (Actually, these posters were created by Rodolfo Sampaio and Marco Martins of Brazil’s Moma Propaganda agency for something called the MaxiMidia Seminars)

    • Aine Ireland says:

      I hear ya, was talking to a yound girl the other day (she was 18), and she didnt know what bebo was. Seriously, it was just two years ago when this was huge. The gteat thing with lifev is there are always more creative people beng created and supplying the workd with new treats, the next facebook could be closer than you think.

    • kynos says:

      They’re just GREAT. :) Look like they could come from some Old Moore’s Elmanac 1955 from some alternative timension. As Mother Shipton would have said if she’d known: “Buy ye not Betamacks” (apols to Terry Pratchett)

    • minXie says:

      Ah, the good old days — quaint
      Oops, sorry, didn’t realize there was a “who can make the most typos competition” going on, so let me repeat that incorrectly:
      Aj, the gppd okd dqys – qyaimt

    • paul m says:

      any credits for who made the posters?

    • Hugh Linehan says:

      @paul m. Sorry – credited now

    • paul m says:

      would love to see the irish times do a retro issue, have all the advertisers do up their ads in pseudo 1950s style like these posters have done, all the photos in black and white/sepia tint and just a old style read about the editorial as well.

      could be fun.

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