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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: April 12, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

    So here it is – irishtimes.com’s first iPhone app

    Hugh Linehan

    The irishtimes.com news app for the iPhone was launched this weekend, and sits atop the Irish bestsellers in the App Store as I write. Interesting reactions, from the ‘handy, easy and quick’ to ‘pointless and disappointing’.


    Most of the more negative comments focus on the fact that you don’t get the full content of the newspaper for your 159 cents. However, you do get all breaking Irish, international, business and sport news throughout the day, along with selected content from The Irish Times. For that price (less than, a single issue of the paper, after all), I reckon it’s a pretty good package. I’ve been using the test version over the last couple of weeks, and finding it very useful.

    Remember, this is not the be-all and end-all of our app strategy – expect another announcement very soon – it’s the first stage in a process which I expect will continue in lots of interesting ways over the next while.

    In the meantime, I’d be very interested to hear what users think.

    • Frank says:

      great start, please add Comment and Culture sections to make it really good! (or even Culture to balance Sport!)

    • dealga says:

      I intend getting it regardless but I’ve a couple of questions – I have the mobile site saved to my iPhone’s homescreen, what’s extra on the paid for app? And how much of the content is unique to the Irish Times? Is the Irish, International, Business and Sport news the same wire service stuff you could get anywhere?

    • Niall Cleary says:

      Disappointed that there no culture or comment, but I’m sure it’s in the post. Crossword would be great too! A welcome app.

    • David says:

      As an iPod user, I like the fact that the content can be viewed offline (do a quick sync before I leave in the morning and read it on the bus).

      I’d love to see the letters page in there.

    • Simon McGarr says:

      “For that price (less than, a single issue of the paper, after all), I reckon it’s a pretty good package.”

      But they’re all available free on the website. The key to an app is to use the extra information the phone has to create something more tailored to the person holding the machine.

      If I’m in Kilkenny, shouldn’t the app know that and present me with a map marked with reviews of places to eat from the paper?

      It can know what time it is. Shouldn’t I be able to see reviews from the paper of shows nearby and about to start?

      I will pay more for an app that tries harder.

    • Dervla says:

      Good first effort. However, for a paid app thats taken so long, I would have expected it to have been as good as the Guardian. I find the content flimsy and repetitive. I cannot find many differences between it and the eircom news app which is free. I hope theres a significant update coming soon.

    • lisa says:

      Great to see the app finally on the iphone,when will the app be brought in for blackberry users? Currently viewing the paper online on the phone is cumbersome and frustrating.would be more than willing to pay the 1.59 app fee that iphone users are paying

    • NoTV says:

      Will there be one for Android?

    • Hugh J Martin says:

      Another example of iPhone users’ obsession with apps. The entire website is free on Safari! Why pay for an app? It’s a rip-off IT, and you know it.

    • kynos says:

      Cute little news ticker. But my E72 won’t run it and I’ve a web browser there that already gets onto this site no bother. If were someone who literally couldn’t take a breath without knowing the latest news (which might imply I’d also be an iPhone owner) then maybe I’d have it. You should do a widget for dashboard. And if you could do one for the Breaking News Poll that’d let us know when there’d been an update (say, once every geological aeon) that’d be cool.

    • dealga says:

      “iPhone users’ obsession with apps”

      Er, that’s like accusing people with Playstations of being obsessed with computer games.

    • Kieran Timmons says:

      Great to see the old IT taking advantage of the latest IT! More please! KKT

    • Antonio Rivero says:

      I agree with those who think a Culture section would be grand. Please think about it.

    • Ros Pan says:

      Good – please add culture, music and IT sections asap

    • I hope we will see an Android version soon.

    • Bob Nixon says:

      We are developing an app that provides information with a weekly/monthly/annual subscription model that will ensure ongoing revenue streams as opposed to selling the app to get a one off hit of cash – would the IT not be better off pursuing this model and offer all content with ongoing revenues rather than a “one off” small hit that isn’t really going to do anything for you but lessens the value of the newspaper? This then makes the app more useful to the IT as a revenue generator and means you can give everyone everything they want

    • martin kavanagh says:

      Been really waiting on this but it’s not what I’d hoped it’d be. I’d love a culture section, theatre reviews, books, letters, loose leaves and maybe the odd columist.

    • Niall says:

      No comment section? No letters?


    • DD says:

      Not sure what this app gives me that I can’t get using the browser. Can’t figure out the revenue model for you guys either (excepting the app price). Seems like an app for the sake of an app.

      I’d pay a lot more for an IT crosswords iPad app mind you. You don’t even need to create the app, just sell the subscription through some of the existing xword apps that already do this. Here’s hoping….

    • Fiach says:

      Just bought the app over the weekend and I miss the fact that there is no culture section. Books, stage, film, visual arts etc Guardian and NY Times are great for that.

    • Frank Jameson says:

      Will there be one for Nokia smartphones such as E71 or E63 or for Blackberry?

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