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  • The developer in the bubble

    June 8, 2012 @ 3:27 pm | by Edel Morgan

    Is Mick Wallace still in the bubble?

    Mick Wallace always seemed to me to be one of those people that’s in “the bubble”.  We all know someone in the bubble, different rules seem to apply to them than the rest of us and people are very  willing to overlook certain less than glorious  aspects of their past and/or  present,  focusing instead on  the more positive aspects of their being .

    Back when Mick Wallace first became a TD,  I was  at a gathering where Mick Wallace was  being discussed and much admiration was expressed for his devil-may-care sartorial attitude  in the Dail, his socialist leanings  and the fact he has done great work for his community in Wexford. The same people would have formed a lynch mob if certain other developers owing millions had walked into the room, but for some reason Mick Wallace wasn’t included in that group.

    But the bubble only lasts for so long . It could take years or even decades but  it almost always eventually bursts. It looks like Mick Wallace’s bubble could be close to bursting now that he is facing censure by Dail colleagues and possible criminal prosecution for under-declaration of VAT payments. Fellow members of the Dail technical group joined in the condemnation of his €2.1 settlement with the Revenue Commissioners, while Fine Gael and Labour TD’s called on him to consider his position.

    Wallace for his part has rejected calls for his resignation saying it is up to the people of Wexford and that he has been showered with messages of goodwill from his constituents. He points out that Revenue had categorised his behaviour as careless rather than deliberate and they believed his story. “I have nothing but that doesn’t bother me as long as I have my health.” Maybe there’s life in that bubble yet.


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