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  • The Best Place to Live in Ireland

    March 30, 2012 @ 4:32 pm | by Edel Morgan

    Are you one of those jammy people who has found the best place to live in Ireland

    Are you one of those jammy people who lives in a place where  you  intend to spend the rest of your life and have no interest in looking any further? Do you find yourself  waxing lyrical (and ad nauseum) to anyone who will listen about the  merits of your area ?  If so, why not nominate it in our competition, The Best Place to Live in Ireland which starts tomorrow in the Weekend section of the paper and online at  www.irishtimes.com/bestplace.
    As one of the judges in a new Irish Times competition  I  will try to keep my envy at bay as I read through the entries because although I’ve found my ideal place, I don’t actually live there. I like where I live  but am guilty of occasionally  looking  over my shoulder at the greener grass in the next suburb.
    The best  “place” can be  a  town/village/area/suburb/townland/ housing estate and we want you to  tell us  in no more than 500 words on www.irishtimes.com/bestplace why it’s so great .  There will also be a number of questions asking you about the local environment and facilities in your area but don’t be put off if you area doesn’t fit the criteria, it’s the pitch that is  most important.
    The   judging panel is made up of myself,  my  Irish Times colleague and  environment editor Frank McDonald, psychologist  Maureen Gaffney,  architect Paul Keogh and statistician Gerard O’Neill from Amarach Research  and we all have our own ideas about what makes the best place to live.
    To mark the start of the series a number of Irish Times journalists including John Waters, Conor Pope and Carl O’Brien will write about their best place.  So do you live in the best place in Ireland?

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