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  • irishtimes.com - Posted: January 12, 2012 @ 10:25 am

    One house in Dublin or 100 in Leitrim?

    Edel Morgan

    The former chairman of AIB Dermot Gleeson sold his  house on Shrewsbury Road in Ballsbridge for a figure believed to be in excess of  €5 million. (click here to read more) – a third of the price it would have fetched at the height of the boom. But in today’s market €5 million is  a lot of money and with more square foot for your euro,  I couldn’t help wondering what you can get elsewhere for that amount .

    So €5 million will get you?

    One house on Shrewsbury(but it would have to be semi-detached and probably not in pristine condition). Add on  €2- €3million plus for  one that’s detached and in tip-top condition. And if there are substantial grounds add  at least €5 million. Walford (bought by Sean Dunne in 2005 for €58 million) was asking €15  million even though the house needs complete refurbishment. As no sale has been confirmed yet, we wonder if anyone bid anywhere near this figure?

    Two trophy houses on Palmerston Park, in Rathmines.  Sherry FitzGerald is asking €2.45 for Nadur on Palmerston Park,a super-swanky six bed 325 sqm . However, with no takers so far, the price might be negotiable.Click here

    Three Houses in Abington, Malahide. A five-bed mansion, once owned by Ronan Keating  (click here to read more)- which he sold  back to Parkway Properties two years ago, has just sold for around €1.5 million through  Lisney, which is a good price (relatively speaking)  considering a clutch of other vendors there  are looking for upwards of €1.8 million. Back in the day prices for some of these mock-Georgian mansions were around  €3 million.

    Four houses with sea views  in Howth.  There are now fairly substantial houses in Howth asking around  €1 million- €1.5 million (and  just because they are asking doesn’t mean they are getting) such as Ardeevin on Carrickbrack Road- a four-bed overlooking Dublin Bay with an oval sitting room click here . There’s also Shandon on Carrickbrack Road, a redbrick split level on half an acre asking €1 million with four bedrooms click here.Taobh Coille on Claremont Road in Howth is asking €1.5 million. It  is 1,600 sq ft  has been refurbished and has a 135 ft garden click here

    Five big houses  in Dalkey. Such as 24 Ulverton Terrace, a  four-bed  250 sq m refurbished house currently asking €1 million. Click here or Waterside on  Coliemore Road is a modern detached waterfront house of  2,500sqft / 232sqm with  sea views, off street parking and planning permission for a private slipway which is also asking €1 million.Click here

    10 big family houses in Cork. There are any number of impressive-looking four and five-bed family homes priced at around the €500,000 mark such as Clifton House in Grange, Douglas, Cork, a five-bed 245 sqm detached  house  on over half an acre. Click here and Mitchells Court, a new five-bed  220 sqm detached house in Kerry Pike. Click here

    20 apartments in Dublin’s  docklands. Two and three beds in sought after apartment developments in Dublin’s docklands are now asking around €230,000-€270,000.  In Forbes Quay in Grand Canal Square a two bed  third floor apartment with a terrace around the corner from the Grand Canal theatre is asking €249,000 through Owen Reilly. Nearby on Gallery Quay a two-bed fifth floor apartment with a balcony  is asking €260,000. Click here On the north docks, a two bed apartment on Spencer Dock is asking €240,000 through Hooke & MacDonald.Click here

    50 three-bed terraced houses in Finglas. There is a huge choice at the moment of three beds in the area at prices starting at €80,000-€100,000. A three bed end of terrace on Dunsink Drive is asking €80,000. Click here and a three bed terraced house on Abbotstown Drive is asking €89,950.Click here

    100 one and two-bed apartments in Leitrim. As Leitrim has  the lowest house prices in Ireland, €5m could well  get you around 100 apartments priced between €40,000-€50,000.  In Dillon Court in Manorhamilton a two bed ground floor isasking €38,000. Click here and 7 The Old Mill, a swish looking two bed in a converted mill is asking €40,000. Click here

    • Neil says:

      Or a gazillion houses in Gazza.

    • Nick says:

      I’m not sure Paul Gascoigne would be very happy with that Neil – it sounds very uncomfortable.

    • John O'Driscoll says:

      Readying himself to make for Sandy Lane having helped destroy the country and been rewarded for it with a big fat pension is he? No need to rush off Mr Gleeson. The Irish don’t do tumbrils and Madame Defarges. They LOVE having the Oppressor’s boot keep the back of their necks warm. Been adopting the position round these parts 800 years nothing’s changed in that.

    • Neil says:

      Poor old Gazza. You probably could’ve developed on him many years ago. Now the ground might be a bit unstable.

    • jaygee says:

      Doesn’t mean a thing. ‘Tis all monopoly money. Some people get to play and the rest
      are bewildered by the smoke and mirrors.

    • John O'Driscoll says:

      Oh jaygee it means an awful lot. In terms of the toll of human misery that Mr Gleeson and his likes have created and left this country as their legacy.

    • John O'Driscoll says:

      Bewildered by smoke and mirrors though for sure. We’re all eyeless in Gaza at the mill with slaves now. Thanks to Mr Gleeson and his likes.

    • jaygee says:

      Yer right John and I’m not against calling for the tumbrils.

    • jaygee says:

      John I’ll give you a for instance of the likes of Mr. Gleeson’s ilk over here.
      Just before Christmas an article appeared in the Observer about a corporate entertainment company
      which was proposing with the help of the local council to throw a marquee over the Merchant Navy Memorial
      and hire it out to any of the firms in the City to hold their Christmas parties.
      The memorial is a lovely little island of peace and tranquility containing the names of the ships and crews who went to Davy Jones, in WW1 andWW2. However it is convenient for all the traders bankers and City
      wide~boys , and the entertainment firm, no doubt, thought it would be a bit of a lark.
      Thanks to the Observer journalist alerting us there was much outrage and we got busy firing off e mails, letters,
      phone~calls to all and sundry.
      End result, the proposal was dropped and those of us who had berated the council got an apology from their Mayor.
      Just shows that they would make money out of anything.
      But little victories are sweet too.

    • jack says:

      And they say crime doesn’t pay.

    • Tom Farrell says:

      Bring on the tumbrils and the stocks

    • John O'Driscoll says:

      ” and we got busy firing off e mails, letters,
      phone~calls” – nice work, jaygee.

      Modern day version of the whip of small cords.

    • jaygee says:

      Thanks for the reference John. Powerful article.

    • dkok says:

      I heard recently that cash rich expats are buying up cheap houses in Dublin and Cork city centres. I know of one deal involving 6 houses for about 100k each. Bankers spending their bonus money ??

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