Hot shows, cheap tickets and mysterious faces

There’s just time to take a breath before the weekend is upon us, and the second major tranche of opening nights in this year’s Dublin Theatre Festival fills up the evenings.

So far, the reviews have definitely been on the positive side: Tristan and Isolde got this paper’s only five-star endorsement, The Boys of Foley Street looks to have capped Anu Productions’ Monto cycle in impressive style, and Elevator Repair Service followed up their groundbreaking Gatz with a terrific take on Hemingway.

One element of the festival that has yet to materialise is Public Face III. This giant neon smiley face was supposed to light up the Dublin skyline, but, owing to “unresolved technical challenges”, it has yet to make its Dublin debut (rumours that the producers are frantically looking for a giant two-pin to three-pin convertor are said to be wide of the mark). The festival is still trying to make this project happen, and are reluctant to commit to a date for it or, indeed, reveal where it is hopefully going to be installed. Watch this space then – wherever it is.

In the mean time, here’s one someone else prepared earlier and elsewhere.

Back to the shows you can see, and ticket sales have proved particularly strong this year – for those of you still to commit, tickets are almost sold out for the following shows:
The Boys of Foley Street; The Talk of the Town; Hamlet; Have I No Mouth; Eternal Rising of the Sun and The House that Jack Filled. So if you want to see any of those shows, click over this direction.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Final Call tickets. The festival is offering a very limited number of €10 tickets for some shows on a given evening, usually between 4pm and 6pm. Keep an eye on the webstite or call into the festival box office in person to snap up whatever is available.

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