Review: The Oh Fuck Moment


If you blanch at the prospect of participatory theatre which mines embarrassing mistakes for material, you might want to avoid this two-handed show, but you are its target audience. Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe gather their audience around a conference table littered with crumpled Post-its and, after a suitably toe-curling anecdote illustrating the eponymous concept, invite their guests to share similar personal experiences. This is no gratuitous exercise in humiliation, however, rather a plea for such errors to be seen as an essential part of being human, an evolutionary trait which no amount of regulatory systems can overcome. Interspersing the audience interaction with lyrical musings and illustratory anecdotes – from the catastrophic and stomach-churningly tragic-comic to the personally affecting – Walker and Thorpe conjure up an imaginative seminar which provokes reflection, thoughtfulness and laughter. Persons of a sensitive disposition be warned, however: you’ll never look at a hockey stick in the same way again.

Until Saturday
Mick Heaney

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