Review: Saint

The Cube, Project Arts Centre

The Irish people have a great knack for castigation. This last recession has been pinned on Europe, the IMF, the bankers and the politicos. As well it should be. But there is one important donkey who needs to stick their arse out in that particular blame game. The Irish people themselves. This bat shit banana’s production from Fibin Teo puts the greed of the nation front and centre in a sublime satire of our financial foibles.

Devised as an experiment to prove how accessible the Irish language is, Saint features two actors who had no ‘Gaeilge’ at the start of the process. They use mask, puppets and electronic gizmos- as well as exaggerated characterisation, emphasised repetition and a clownish use of props to massage the ‘cupla focail’ they picked up in rehearsals into meaning. And it’s very much a mission accomplished as their fluency in the physical language of the stage is joyously comprehended by all.

The characters are symbolic of the ‘more, more, more’ mentality that gripped every aspect of our culture and the irreverent imagery, while silly, is sharp as a tack.

Until Saturday
Caomhan Keane

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