Review: Codes

The Lir

The dancing body and its interaction with digital technology has provided rich collaborative pickings and Dublin-based MIDASpaces are the latest group to investigate the interaction of bytes and neurons. Codes is slickly produced and refreshingly confident in execution, but it presents rather than interrogates the relationship between the living, breathing body and the increasingly digitised world that surrounds it.

It’s a complex relationship and technology has changed not only how we interact with fellow humans, but in how we conceptualise our world.

Throughout Codes, dancer Emma O’Kane maintained her role epitomising organic human flow through movements that followed natural impulses. In contrast to Roisin Laffan’s mechanical jerkiness appeared seductive to Rob O’Shea, a reaction that typifies our uncertain relationship with technology.

Although Codes didn’t exploit the considerable sum of individual talents on stage and behind the scenes, the newly-formed MIDASpaces is an exciting development in the fertile common ground between dance, music and technology.

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Michael Seaver

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