Review: The Revolution Will Be Televised, Retweeted & Available on 4oD.

Smock Alley

Despite the promise of paradigm-shifting multi-media interactivity implicit in the title, Abie Philbin Bowman’s comedy show is quaintly traditional in execution, but none the worse for that. Aside from a garish entrance, which sees him in a pastel balaclava and crushed velvet jacket, Philbin Bowman’s performance rests on the sharpness of his wit and the appeal of his persona, as he unleashes a stream of vividly-imagined and just plain funny scenarios loosely structured around resistance tactics against the forces of global capitalism and religious intolerance.

His outrage at the injustice of the current economic collapse is entertainingly rendered, with easy German credit compared to a cheap vodka party. And if some of the more outré metaphors occasionally are a bit strained, such as recasting Mitt Romney’s management consultancy firm as a predator on vulnerable schoolgirls, Philbin Bowman’s impassioned affability and rebellious spirit ensure proceedings never fall flat.

Until Saturday
Mick Heaney

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