Review: Singlehood

Projects Arts Centre

Chances are, you’ve already heard about Singlehood, Una McKevitt’s work on being single, a play that describes itself as, confusingly, “not a play”. And that’s not the only confusing thing about it; on-stage, eight characters tell us about their lives as singletons, moving in and out of different characters with each move into and out of their chairs.

The narrative may be difficult to follow, but the sentiment is not, and where Singlehood really shines is in its sheer honesty. Each scenario outlined by the on-stage players, including DJ Conor Behan and comedian Eric Lalor, is met by slightly embarrassed laughter from the audience; we’ve all, at some stage, been there. Things are helped along by a series of songs, some hilarious, all bittersweet, and 60 minutes feels like 15. Really, watching Singlehood is like eavesdropping on a group of friends telling each other their most ridiculous, heartbreaking, hilarious and mundane stories about trying to find love – and who doesn’t love to eavesdrop?

Until Saturday
Rosemary Mac Cabe

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