Review: DISCOnnected

The Kitchen nightclub

Music pumps from The Kitchen as we wait to go deeper and down to DISCOnnected. Queuing for a nightclub before darks feels distinctly teenage-disco, but sadly the club-night we are about to witness is an adult one.

Performers Stephen O’Rourke and Sarah Baxter jostle at the bar, drink shots, stalk each other around the room, get sick, get together. So far, so Friday night. We meet the all-seeing bouncer and the man who works in the toilets, but the narrative is stale.

The dance sequences offer some insight. The animalistic bodies in motion on the bar, across the dance floor and into the toilet cubicle better express the deeper desires of the characters: whether oblivion, happiness or love. A ‘quick feel’, a lustful tumble or a casual end-of-the-night arrangement are success stories under the glitter ball. Thankfully no one will remember in the morning.

A depressing view on how we socialise. Bridge, anyone?

Until Saturday
Meadhbh McHugh

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