The Absolut Fringe starts here

The previews are up and running, opening night beckons, and several weeks of theatre, art, music, shows in odd places, art in strange surroundings, wonderful nights, endless days, and long stretches of sleep deprivation are about to begin. Behold the Absolut Fringe Festival 2012 in all its glittery, chaotic glory.

This year, we are relaunching our Festival Hub arts blog to bring you all the latest news, features and reviews from the Fringe and Dublin Theatre festivals. We’ll be posting reviews as soon as humanly and critically possibly (humans and critics being different species, obviously).

All articles will be open for comment, all features will be up for discussion, and we’ll have a few competitions to keep things ticking over as well – so feel free to let rip. This Festival Hub is nothing without your input.

So, for everything Fringe in the next few weeks, watch this hopefully very colourful space.

Laurence Mackin

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