Q&A: Albie Philbin Bowman – ‘Ask other people what they’ve seen and loved’

Albie Philbin Bowman is a comedian and broadcaster

Your best fringe memory? Last year, the Absolut Fringe organised a two-day workshop for a lot of the solo performers. As someone who mostly writes and performs on my own, it was brilliant to learn about other people’s experiences, and it created a real spirit of camaraderie. A few months later, at the closing party, I was complimenting Brian Fleming on his brilliant debut show. He told me that something I’d said in the workshop about the importance of picking a catchy title convinced him to call his show Gis a Shot of Your Bongos, Mister. That made my Fringe.

Your worst fringe memory? When Arthur’s Day and Culture Night happened back-to-back during the fringe. Numbers were going well, and then they come in and there are millions of free things on, no one wants to turn up and the momentum is gone. It’s a kick in the teeth.

If you had to pick one fringe event to go to this year, what would it be (apart from your own, obviously)? I’m a big fan of Dead Cat Bounce, and this year we’re sharing a theatre space in Smock Alley, so I’ll definitely be sticking around after my show to watch Clowns. Four years ago, they performed the funniest, best-written live sketch show I’ve ever seen.

Your best advice for a fringe punter? Talk to strangers. When you’re queuing to get tickets or waiting for a show to start, ask other people what they’ve seen and what they loved. I know no better way of separating the inspiring from the indulgent. If they do recommend a show, just make sure to ask one vital question: “Are you in it?”

Abie Philbin Bowman’s The Revolution Will Be Televised ReTweeted & Available on 4OD runs at Smock Alley Theatre from September 18th-22nd

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