All the festivals that are fit to print

The Ticket went festival bananas today, with a big guide to the so-close-you-can-almost-touch-it August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Talking of bananas (or things that look like them), Toots of Maytals cooks up a recipe for Grilled Jamaican Fish & Plantains in Booking the Cooks. He’ll be at Liss Ard. You can try it yourself, although the Jamaican goat fish could be tricky to get hold of.

It asked Tony Clayton-Lea to pick 5 acts out of Liss Ard. In the end, he went all Spinal Tap and pushed it all the way up to 11. (They include Julie Feeney, right.

By coincidence, All The Way Up To 11 is also the headline for Lauren Murphy’s interview with The Charlatans, who play Castlepalooza – she adds five acts to catch there (and manages to stick with five).

Rock writing heavyweight Jim Carroll meets the equally hunky Bressie ahead of Indiependence

And finally, you can listen to our New Found Sounds podcast, which features Croupier, EleventyFour, Milan Jay and other Irish acts.

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