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Lenten promises: 5 things worth giving up for good

Lent is upon us: so what will you be giving up?

Wed, Mar 5, 2014, 07:30


I have never been a big one for self-deprivation (anyone who knows me will not find this surprising) – so when Lent rolled around, while my peers were eschewing crisps, chocolate bars and “being rude”, I was giving up porridge, mashed potatoes and broccoli.

Now that I’m all grown, my mind has turned to sartorial matters – while I have no intention of giving up anything I enjoy for Lent, it may be time to look at those mistakes we make over and over again when getting dressed and consider consigning them to the wardrobe wastebasket.

1 Leggings

Unless you are really quite slim and can get away with wearing leggings with tunic tops and short dresses to work, play and all that’s in between, leggings have no place in your wardrobe. I enjoy changing into my leggings the second I get home from work / play / all that’s in between, and lounging around in them for the evening (or the whole day at weekends), really: I could make a little more effort in my down-time.

2 Oversized items from Cos

I love Cos. I love its line in shapeless, oversized smock tops (to wear with, ahem, leggings – or skinny jeans on a good day) in a variety of colours and fabrics. I love them because: FAT DAYS. Fat days are the worst. Cos’s oversized parachute tops work wonders. But: do they really? I have a cream Cos shirt (that I am wearing right now) that is, quite literally, my top for when all else fails. I’ve worn it on dates, on nights out, to meetings, on Xposé . . . and then I’ve seen pictures of myself in it, when this ultra-forgiving loose shirt becomes a muu-muu, and I, Homer in the episode where he wears the muu-muu. Not ideal.

3 Things you will one day slim into

I own a lot of these. Recent purchases? An incredible embellished shift dress from H&M that I fell in love with and bought in a far-too-tight size hoping that my imminent body transformation at the hands of Zest Fitness will render it wearable. There is nothing worse than looking into your wardrobe and being instantly reminded of your inability to slim into your clothing. To this category we can also add: bargains you bought because they almost fit / you almost liked them.

4 Pleather handbags that are just perfect for travelling

How often do you travel? How often do I travel? Not often enough to justify the purchase of several faux leather totes, with the aim of using them to transport my laptop on long-haul flights. The fact of the matter is, my Whistles bag fits my tablet and my Phillip Lim fits my laptop – so I have never, ever taken one of these totes on a flight (or a train, or a bus). Yet I buy and keep them, just in case – a logic that does not fit with my ideal, low-impact super-chic capsule wardrobe self.

5 Wedge trainers

Just, no: so, so, so beyond over. And then some.

And, just for kicks, one for sticking with:

Ugg boots. Andre Leon Talley has been wearing them for years – and no one has even noticed.