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Were these boots made for walking?

A holiday in Dallas, TX has me thinking about cowboy style – are the boots a step (ahem) too far, or are you down with Wild West style?

Tue, Mar 4, 2014, 07:30


Pic via Rustic Wedding Chic

Okay, okay – so this isn’t going to be a post in which I declare for cowboy boots as wedding attire; I may be in Dallas but I’m not all Texas just yet. But it is going to be a post in which I confess that I am not all against them – nor have I ever been. I suspect Jessica Simpson has a lot to do with that (although unfortunately she wasn’t quite enough to encourage me to start doing nightly crunch sessions).

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Now, there are cowboy boots and then there are boots that take their cues from the Wild West-style boots made famous by spaghetti westerns and, well, the odd celebrity. These, below, from Asos, fall into the latter category. Blame Isabel Marant but cowboy-style ankle boots have been big business in the past few seasons, and these are super-versatile – great with dresses and jeans, and on sale at €139.06.

A step further toward the cowboy boot in one way – check out that buckle detail – Topshop’s Alaska boots move away in another way: the edge design, which is a lot more neutral and less traditionally western than the Ganni pair. Meaning? They’re a little more old-school indie than full-on Western – maybe a little more Jessica Alba than Jessica Simpson (not that there’s anything wrong with being all Simpson, whom I love).

Lastly? Go full-on traditional with Mexicana’s boots at Net-a-Porter. These are for the brave only, those fully committed to the idea and style of the cowboy boot. But don’t be mistaken; these are for wearing with cool dresses, not denim-on-denim, Robert Redford style. There’s committing, and then there’s fancy dress. Do not confuse the two.