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Oscars 2014: the red-carpet breakdown

Who wore what to the 86th Academy Awards last night?

Mon, Mar 3, 2014, 03:07


As an early aside, I really enjoyed following the #AskHerMore hashtag on Twitter during last night’s Oscars – people urging Ryan Seacrest et al to ask the talented women on the red carpet in Hollywood about more than “who” they were wearing – but, this being a fashion blog, Imma gonna have to talk dresses. Whoever said being a feminist fashion-writer was without its problems, well . . . nobody ever said that.

Lupita Nyong’o, up for a gong for her role as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, was always going to be a big talking point. Just check out this amazing compilation of red-carpet gowns Nyong’o's been rocking since the film’s release. She didn’t disappoint last night in powder-blue Prada, although I personally would have liked to see her lose the hair band. Nyong’o may look about 16, but she’s 31, after all.

Kate Hudson was one of Twitter’s faves, in Atelier Versace, while Angelina rocked up in Ellie Saab. Hudson’s was a cool choice – we’ve seen a fair few capes in recent years, but the addition of a strong shoulder made this seem very 1980s, in the best way. Angelina, on the other hand, chose a dress that, in my opinion, has been seen all too often – most of all in rental gown shops in Dublin and thence on Irish models at the VIP Style Awards. You know I’m right.

Julia Roberts wore Givenchy (and shaved), which was a gorgeous choice. I’m over (so over) peplums but this soft number didn’t bother me, and the lace detail was divine. Anne Hathaway, looking unfortunately smug, wore Gucci – and while I don’t hate this dress in theory, in reality the halterneck plus the mom hair ages her terribly. Margot Robbie, newly brunette, went for Saint Laurent – sexy, brooding, French, meh. I would have liked a bright colour to make her a little less gothic, but Robbie’s a babe I can’t stay mad at so I’ll move on.

Emma Watson wore bridal favourite Vera Wang, and while I loved her hair and make-up the dress left me a little lukewarm. Similarly, Kerry Washington, in Jason Wu, did a serious line in above-the-neck glamour but lost me in the muu-muu. I know, I know; pregnancy is hard to dress for. But no one suffers from a little careful tailoring.

Ah look: it’s Cate Blanchett, in Armani Privé, and Jennifer Lawrence, in Dior. I hope, at some stage, J-Law and Anne Hathaway get to have a decent chat about the curses of having mom hair in a distinctly un-mom-hair world.

Last, but by no means least? Amy Adams, also in Gucci, is going head to head (sartorially speaking) with an Alexander McQueen-clad Sandra Bullock. My favour comes down on Bullock’s side; the McQueen gown is just less staid and more interesting than the super-formal Gucci, which feels a bit like, if you cut two feet off the hem and added a blazer, you could wear to work as a fancy lawyer in a fancy law firm.

Agree? Disagree? Who was your fave at last night’s awards ceremony? (I mean, other than Jordan Catalano’s hair.)