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Has Topshop come back into the fold?

After several seasons of disco-Rihanna-bodycon clothing I wouldn’t be seen dead in, Topshop seems to (finally) have decided to provide for the (ahem) more mature Topshopper

Thu, Feb 27, 2014, 07:30


It wasn’t so long ago that going into Topshop made me feel a bit like that time I went to a Bruno Mars concert: definitely too old, probably too uncool and quite possibly a bit fat for the place (Bruno Mars, incidentally, was amazing and I forgot my hang-ups as soon as he launched into Grenade, my favourite pop song of the past five years). I even went so far as to ask you, my loyal readers, if Topshop had lost it.

And you know what? Things have to change – it’s the natural way of the world. Oftentimes, we grow out of shops, dresses, modes of talking, friend groups . . . it’s only natural. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a bit sad, and that we don’t sometimes attempt to go back (attempting to get back into that dress, incidentally, leads only to depression and feelings of inadequacy).

But a recent jaunt into Topshop, on the encouragement of a friend, revealed at least 10 items of clothing for which I am not too old / fat / reserved / fundamentally against crop tops. Seriously: there were skirts with hems that didn’t offend me, jeans that weren’t acid-washed, dresses with sleeves and draped mid-sections. It was a sartorial miracle.

The shoes, I guess, are the only exception in that (a) they’ve been consistently good but also (b) they’re always achingly on-trend, meaning seriously chunky platforms (ugh) in every corner and a decent scour needs to be done in order to find options that are more SJP than TOWIE.

Still? Topshop is back on top, at least of my personal shopping list. Is this an anomale, or has anyone else been rediscovering Topshop of late?