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Guest review: Naoimh Wilkins gets glam at Whetstone Aveda Concept Salon

Pre-Christmas, Naoimh went into Whetstone for a makeover and updo – but what did she think?

Thu, Feb 6, 2014, 07:30


No, no, don’t leave! Does the term “updo” send a shiver down your sartorial spine? Me too. But – huzzah! – this was good, really good.

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Neither, as it happens, do you get treatments for nada. And it’s time I paid the man. Actually this particular pamper payment is long overdue as I had this makeover, ahem, last year. But given the holiday high jinks, it stayed on the backburner.

The Whetstone Salon at number 7 Parliament Street is a bit blink-and-you’ll-miss-it – but keep those peepers peeled because behind the glossy black exterior is a good old-fashioned beauty salon. A caffeine fix, piles of glossies and a welcoming atmosphere: this place ticks all the boxes.

I knew what I wanted and had given my hair stylist Joy a heads up before I arrived. I asked for a halo plait – making the rounds on all the sharpest Pinterest boards. Think of those Narcisco Rodriquez ads and you’re on the right track.

After my tresses were teased into place I hopped on to the make-up stool to have my face done. Unoriginally, I asked for a smokey eye – shamefully, this basic always stumps me – and a red lip. Twenty minutes later and I was done and off on my merry way.

The results (I’m on the left)!

And getting all this glammed up wasn’t wasted because I had somewhere to go! I was meeting glam girlfriends* who all dutifully complimented my new look.

Well, what would you know, my procrastinating has paid off because they have a bunch of great offers for Valentines Day: your significant other can get 25 per cent off all gift vouchers – if he does spend and save, make sure the surplus goes on an extra pressie. There’s also a hair style and make-up makeover for €85 so you can razzle-dazzle your fella. Alternatively, if you’re looking to catch the eye of your crush book in for a speedy blow-dry and leave €25 poorer.

All treatments are available until February 14th February.

I was a guess of Whetstone.

*They’re keepers.