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Hallo, January – this month’s newsstands

The new year brings with it a host of new magazines – so who’s on which title?

Thu, Jan 2, 2014, 07:30


If you’re in a state of shock at the fact that yet another year has gone by and you don’t have the body of Kate Upton / haven’t finished stitching your American quilt / have yet to run a marathon, well rest assured: you are most certainly not alone.

The upside is, with the New Year comes a fresh chance to set – and achieve! – new goals (although, good quote I read today? “Stop making resolutions and start making changes.”). Where better to look for inspiration than to your favourite newsstand glossies? So who can we be inspired by this month?

Let’s start with Rihanna. Not the most obvious of idols, but she is a self-made millionaire who seems entirely unconcerned with what the public (or anyone) thinks of her, which is most certainly worth admiring.

Ah, Cara, 2013′s most ubiquitous moddle – at one stage rumoured to be dating Harry Styles, at another strutting down the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret in the US. I do worry, betimes, that Cara will go the way of Kate Moss – that is, boring the hell out of me whenever she’s used on the cover of one of my favourite glossies – but I don’t hate this cover, and I am intrigued by Vogue‘s promised “style reboot”.

Suki Waterhouse! Whom I interviewed! I know, I know – the thrills, they just keep on coming. This is a beautiful cover, and Suki is a beautiful moddle, but it’s odd to me that, considering she’s becoming quite the “it-girl”, Waterhouse appears a little anonymous on this cover: like a 60s-fied Carey Mulligan or a Brigitte Bardot wannabe.

Turlington is relatively unique in a sea of newbies (save Marie Claire, below) – and Harper’s Bazaar is a good fit for her, appealing to the more grown-up reader (something Vogue could do well to bear in mind sometimes) with old-school supermoddle nous.

I will never stop loving Sophie Ellis Bextor, for bringing us Murder on the Dancefloor and therefore improving several nights of my teenage life. So, while a part of me is all, “oh, of course, Sophie obviously has something to promote”, the larger part of me is all, “yay! Sophie Ellis Bextor!” Thrilling insight, I know.

Last – and least – Michelle Dockery’s turn on InStyle. I enjoy InStyle. Its new-season issues are incredible, and always – without exception – nail the upcoming trends. But this cover leaves me cold, not just because Lady Mary is making me feel murderous every time I see her pouting, miserable face and the inexplicably large number of suitors crowding at her feet on Downton.

So, the moral of 2014? Well. There isn’t really one. It’s cool to be young, but also okay to be old (if you’re a supermoddle). The 1960s are always going to be chic. Cara Delevingne isn’t going away. Neither is Rihanna.

Perhaps we should cease searching for inspiration in women’s magazines and actually, you know, enjoy our lives, aspirations be damned. What a fun and novel thought! Happy 2014, b*tches!