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Classy, Christmassy clutches from Divine

It’s the only type of year I like to downsize my hand luggage – these babies make it an easy sell

Fri, Nov 22, 2013, 12:30


I’m a big bag person. And I mean that both literally and figuratively; I love handbags, but I’m also of the opinion that size really does matter. I like to carry the theoretical kitchen sink in mine: wallet, organiser, notebook, voice recorder, mobile phone, a few lipsticks . . . I could go on.

It’s safe to say, so, that clutch bags are not, well, my bag. With one festive exception: Christmas. I like to go all out at Christmas-time: glittery dresses with Peter Pan collars and flirty A-line skirts and, with them, teeny tiny clutch bags that would barely fit a lipstick and phone at the one time.

It’s tough, though, to find clutch bags that are up my street: cool, boxy (I strongly dislike soft or oversized clutches), and come with a shoulder strap or, better, chain. Surprisingly, then, I really like this selection of clutch bags from Divine (remember their gorge Virgos Lounge dresses?).

It helps that they’re a great price: this black number (and its bronze twin, top) is €65. For the square red number, below, we’re talking €68; and the Art Deco style clutch, bottom, is €69.