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Stylist Courtney Smith picks her top Isabel Marant pour H&M pieces

Irish stylist Courtney Smith got together with Lili Forberg to photograph her pick of the crop

Fri, Nov 15, 2013, 07:30


If you’ve been buried miles beneath the surface of the earth, the news that the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection launched yesterday morning will be just that – news. For the rest of us, countless features in every single glossy fashion magazine will have heralded the arrival of the queen of Parisian chic to the high street for months on end now.

I was one of the lucky few who got a chance to attend an IMAGE magazine preview in H&M on South King St on Tuesday evening, where we were fed and watered on macaroons and Champagne and got to shop the collection before anyone else.

And honestly? I was underwhelmed. The tassled boots – the ones everyone was talking about – were €159, while the sequined pants cost €199. I did buy a lovely printed T-shirt for a mighty €39.95 (a little much for an H&M T-shirt, all told) and I would have been tempted by the foiled mini dress if it hadn’t been quite so mini.

But it would appear that my opinions are a bit besides the point; the collection, like so many before it, was a roaring success and items from this morning’s launch are already on eBay at up to 20 times their original price. Fashion Editor at Large has an interesting comparison on how you could buy the H&M collab on eBay or, y’know, buy the full-price grown-up Isabel Marant alternatives for less.

All that aside, Irish stylist Courtney Smith got together with uber-photographer Lili Forberg to shoot a few bits from the collection her way, and I love the results. The layered dress (above) looks incredible – although in reality I thought it was a little too short!

This jumper is cool, right – but if you saw it in Dunnes you wouldn’t look twice at it. It’s no big news that the label is what people are buying into, but I did have to ask myself, several times last night: would I buy this in Dunnes?

This jumper looks great too, but the jumpers were really oddly sized – some were super-wide and way too short. (Loving Courtney’s Alex & Ani bracelets too!)

The sequined trousers were definitely towards the top of my list (but again, broken record much, a bit dear). I did spot them going into the shopping bag of Stellar fashion editor Corina Gaffey, so we can pretty much guarantee that they’ll turn up in the society pages at some stage!

Did you dig the collection? Did you brave the crowds and buy anything?